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Palomarejos Golf with gifted children

Palomarejos promotes the practice of golf sports to stimulate gifted children through an innovative program for the development of talent.

To do this, the Talaverano golf club has aligned itself with the Begabung program that aims to awaken and enhance cognitive abilities and emotional skills, crucial in the development of these children and young people.

Palomarejos Golf is the first course in Castilla-La Mancha where this initiative is developed, although it is expected to spread to the rest of the provinces with the aim of reaching all children who have more than outstanding skills in various subjects.

Precisely, Castilla-La Mancha is one of the with the worst identification figures for students with High Abilities with 510 students, which represents 0.14% of the total, that is, 90% of these students are unidentified. It must also be taken into account that the administrative , the overload of educational centers and teachers, the lack of material and human resources, means that it is not possible to adequately respond to the different characteristics of all the students, which is why it is emphasized even more the dissynchrony between the student with high capacities and the normalized educational system.

For this reason, the sport of golf has been included among the activities proposed by the Begabung program to provide opportunities to delve into different areas of knowledge, through a motivating and stimulating methodology that consists of knowing-researching-applying and connecting the contents. organized in each of the Multiple Intelligences itineraries proposed according to the Howard Gardner Model.

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