Panamanians say present in United States soccer

Prospects are recognized in Kansas for their d

Prospects are recognized in Kansas for their discipline and dedication to study and sports

Updated 06/21/2022 00:00

Created 06/21/2022 00:00

Three young promises of national soccer: Carlos Fernando Zuñiga, Tommy White, and Diego Espino stand out in this sport at an international level, playing in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL), which corresponds to the fifth division of the United States.

Zuñiga played in Panama at CIEX Sports Academy, while Espino and White were part of Panama City FC.

Panamanian-Argentinean White also had a brief stint with Alianza FC’s reserve team.

The protagonists also play college soccer at their respective universities thanks to athletic and academic scholarships.

Zúñiga plays on the team at Betany College – Kansas and White at Bethel College – Kansas before transferring to Presbyterian College in South Carolina, while Diego Espino at Pointe University. White and Espino play for Sporting Wichita and Zúñiga plays for Inter Wichita.