Petronas regrets having counted on Valentino Rossi

Published: Tuesday, December 28, 2021 17

“We should never have signed Valentino Rossi.” This forceful phrase is from Razlan Razali, head of the Petronas MotoGP team, who regrets having counted on the mythical Italian rider.

It was his last year in the competition and Rossi, of course, lagged at the end of the grid. And at Petronas they regret not having followed their philosophy of having young people.

“To be honest, we should never have signed Rossi,” he acknowledges. But it was a decision already signed: “But by then the decision to sign Valentino had already been made.”

“I think Valentino put himself under pressure. Young drivers are much faster. Valentino set better lap times than in the past. But that was not enough,” says the Petronas boss.

His physique was no longer what it was before and he paid for it in his senior year: “He wanted to be successful, his heart and mind were ready for it, but his body did not accept it.”

Franco Morbidelli and Fabio Quartararo had been his driving partner for the previous year. That couple who follow the Petronas philosophy: two young men called to glory in MotoGP. That is why he missed the decision with Valentino, something that now the team regrets that it was carried out.