Phil Jackson: The best coach in the NBA

In all the history of nba basketballthere have been very good professionals on the bench, who previously were also successful in their time as a pl

In all the history of nba basketballthere have been very good professionals on the bench, who previously were also successful in their time as a player, others perhaps not so much, but there is one who very possibly always It will stand out above the rest.

It is the case of who came to win the modest sum of 11 championships as coachin addition to adding 2 as a player; that is, 17% of the championships NBA they were conquered by the so-called ‘Zen Master’ of the technical direction.

Born in the town of Deer Lodge, Washington D.C.on September 17, 77 years ago, forming part of a family with a great religious affinity towards the Pentecostal movement, with its strict rules of social behaviorwhere it was not allowed neither watch television nor dance Since I was a child.

However, this did not affect the development of little Phil, who had his first approach to the sport, but practicing baseballbeing an outstanding pitcher, also getting to practice American Football and Athletics; however, his height close to two metershe ended up leaning towards the sport of the most giants.

It was taken by New York Knicks in the round of 1967although specialists at the time indicated that he did not have the best qualities to play basketballbut if with a intelligence above average playersand through it he was able to stay on court, winning the championship of 1970although in this edition he was absent due to spinal surgery, but if he were in the title of 1973 with those of the ‘Bronx’.

As an active player he was until 1980wearing the uniform of the New Jersey Nets in his last two years; then start yourbrilliant career as a coachfirstly, in the ‘Continental Basketball Association’ (CBA) and also in the BSN from Puerto Rico. In the CBAobtained his first title with the Albany Patrons.

His good records as a coach led him to be hired by the Bulls in 1989with whom he remained for 10 seasons, and where we already know what he could do; having to at its best, as well asScottie Pippen, Horace Grant, and later Dennis Rodmanget your first six championships on the NBA.

He had the luxury of taking a sabbatical, then signing with the Lakersa more than favorite team, led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, winning the 3 consecutive rings from 2000 to 2002; two years later the Lakers would return to the finals, but fell to the Detroit Pistonsand again jackson He decides to retire for a year.

In 2005 he would return to the California franchise, but this time with a team under reconstruction, after the departure of O’Nealstill counting on bryant and the already veteran Derek Fisheras well as Spanish Pau Gasol; With the team already better amalgamated, he managed to win the 2009 and 2010 championships, and already added 11 titles as coach in the NBA, becoming a legend.

He was always recognized good character, mettle and patience having the ability to know how to handle some difficult players, such as his own Rodman in Chicagoin addition to the more than notorious conflict between Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal in Los Angeles. Here, his techniques ‘Zen’ motivation gave the best results.

In 2013 he returned to what was his first home, becoming the knicks president, holding that position for a period of four years; his knowledge in psychology and multiple experiences on the boardsmotivated him to write until 8 books. During your stay in Lakerswas romantically linked with its owner jeanie busswithout getting married.

But without a doubt, he will always be remembered for own one of the hardest records to beat in the NBA: their 11 championships as coachsurpassing the 9 titles of Auerbach Networkand the 5 of another couple of legends like Gregg Popovich and Pat Riley.

Some will say that it was thanks to Jordan and then to Kobe Bryant; In any case, we are sure that it has been the best coach that has passed through this league in its 75 years of existence. Long live the ‘Zen Master’.