Pierre Gasly puts “Checo” under pressure

Austria.- Red Bull Racing will have Sergio "Checo" Pérez as one of its main drivers of the new RB18 racing car for another year in the 2022 Formul

Austria.- Racing will have Sergio “Checo” Pérez as one of its main drivers of the new RB18 racing car for another year in the 2022 Formula 1 season. Dutch Max Verstappen They will go in search of the two-time championship in motor sport and for the championship of pilots that they did not manage to conquer in this last year.

However, prior to the start of the periodization, once again the “enemy” of Sergio Perez launched an argument that includes him, despite having praised his participation in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix to help Verstappen win the race and all of 2021.

The french pierre gasly was re-presented publicly to warn the Mexican that his seat in the single-seater will be in dispute during this campaign. He stated that he will seek his revenge with the team AlphaTauri to remove him from the road and from the Austrian team.

“First of all, my priority is Red Bull. But for the moment, they have decided to continue with Sergio Pérez. I don’t know what they are going to plan. He says that probably in 2023 there could be an option, so yes, I will try to put myself in the best position. for that,” Gasly said.

Sergio Perez in interview
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The European feels sure of offering a better season than Jalisco, however he forgets that “Checo” beat him in all kinds of competitions, from being fourth in the drivers’ competition with 190 points to 110 for Pierre who finished ninth.

The rider had his chance with Red Bull Racing when he was introduced in 2019, but his lack of stability led to the decision by the higher-ups to replace him with Thai Alex Albon, who will return to the series with Williams Racing.

Sergio Pérez in his racing car
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Sergio Pérez will be even better in his second consecutive competition under the colors of Red Bull Racing. It cost him at first, but it helped him to learn from his mistakes and thus he improved later to win his second title in Formula 1 at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

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