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PlayOffs NBA 2022: Who stops McGee?: Steal Doncic, jump ‘from home’ and spectacular mate

ANDn the victory of the Phoenix Suns against Dallas Mavericks that opened the semifinal of the Western Conference, the team from the state of Arizona showed why they are one of the most complete squads in the entire NBA. Differential attack, commanded by Chris Paul and Devin Booker, complete players like Mikal Bridges and a tremendous and essential wardrobe to be a candidate for the ring.

Among those names is that of the ‘war veteran’ Javale McGee, who is usual in champion projects, such as the Warriors or Lakers in past years. He is now a key player in the Suns rotation. and its worth is proven at all times.

Against the Mavs he showed it with plays like the one that heads the top-5 of the day. Perimeter defense, steal Doncic, rival star, run to the hoop and sink it spectacularly. Stop it if you can. And that he is an NBA veteran.

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