Practical guide for Eintracht supporters to buy a ticket

More than 35,000 Eintracht Frankfurt fans celebrated at the Camp Nou the pass to the semifinals of the Europa League, but left about 3.6 million euros at the box office for FC Barcelona. That was the slogan at the club for a few weeks: sell the maximum number of tickets possible. from own Barcelona is not advertised 24 hours in which members could buy tickets with 50% discount and virtually all of the entries were for German fans, who had weeks organizing themselves into social networks to circumvent security measures that supposedly prevented purchase tickets from Germany.

From internet forums of Eintracht supporters gave each other advice to circumvent the measures that prevented buying tickets from a German IP. The formula, clearly specified in multiple entries, consisted of circumventing the blockade through a VPN, a tool that, among other things, hides the origin of the IP. Advice is also given in these forums on how to travel to Barcelona and even on accommodation. Since the time of the draw for the Europa League quarter-finals, trips to Barcelona have been organized for Eintracht supporters.

Others less sophisticated formulas to obtain tickets they have been through friends residing outside of Germany, who could obtain tickets without any impediment on the Barcelona website, and then send the ticket by mail. Finally, there have been queues at the Camp Nou box office in recent days and, ultimately, the resale. There has been no filter of any kind by the club so that families or entire groups of Eintracht supporters they will buy tickets anywhere in the field. And if it has been, it is or has come easily dribbled resale subscribers from Barcelona to witness live Eintracht classification.


The Eintracht fans took to the streets of Barcelona.