Property without privileges to golf courses, agrees to the Sinaloa Congress

The Commission of Public Finance and Administration of the Congress of the State of Sinaloa rejected the veto of the former governor Quir

The Commission of Public Finance and Administration of the Congress of the State of rejected the veto of the former governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel, who sought to maintain the privileged tax regime on the collection of Property Tax to .

In a work meeting of this collegiate body, chaired by Deputy Jesus Alfonso Ibarra Ramos, It was unanimously approved to reject the veto that the Executive made to Decree 530, and specifically to article 35 section IV of the Law of Municipal Finance of the State of Sinaloaissued by the past sixty-three legislature.

When the Treasury Commission rejects the veto of the Executive, deputies and deputies maintain the proposal to eliminate the special regime for the collection of Property Tax for golf courses in Sinaloa.

Ibarra Ramos indicated that the last Legislature had already ruled on this matter and due to a matter of adherence to the times of legality, the 64th Legislature had to mark its position on whether or not it accepted Ordaz Coppel’s arguments.

He mentioned that With this rejection, the golf courses enter a property collection scheme called properties without construction and anticipated that in this new state scenario the local Congress will have to legislate to perfect the current Municipal Treasury Law of the State of Sinaloa or, where appropriate, create a different legal framework.

The president of the Public Finance and Administration Commission explained that on November 26, 2020, deputies and deputies of the last Legislature issued the DSecret Number 530 that reformed, added and repealed various provisions of the Municipal Treasury Law (art. 35 section IV), which contemplated the elimination of the special collection regime in these sports spaces.

Ibarra Ramos explained that in December of that year the modifications were vetoed by Ordaz Coppel with the argument that by submitting the golf courses, to its consideration, there was the possibility that the owners would not pay the property tax under the pretext that they would not fit into the regime of properties without construction, in addition to violating the principle of legal certainty of those involved.

For its part, Gloria Himelda Felix Niebla indicated that resolving whether or not the normative portion observed by the then Executive is admissible is only to say whether the observations are admitted or rejected and that The State Congress is committed to reviewing the legislation on the matter to save the inconsistencies that exist, not only in relation to golf courses but also in the collection of property in general.

The deputy Pedro Villegas Lobo added that in general terms, with the approval of the Opinion, the privilege regime of the golf courses in relation to the payment of property taxes ends, with which the 64th Legislature reiterates its policy that those who pay more have more and that those who have less pay less.