PSG – Manchester City: Guardiola: “Hopefully Messi can play tomorrow for the good of football”

PSG - Manchester City The City manager praised his former player, now at PSGANDl spanish Pep Guardiola, coach of the Manchester City, praised the A

PSG – Manchester City The City manager praised his former player, now at PSG

ANDl spanish , coach of the , praised the Argentine , absent due to injury in the last two matches of the Pars Saint Germain, and assured that he wants him to be able to play this Tuesday in the match of the second day of the .

“This type of player talks about the grass. What he has done in his career is more than exceptional. I hope he can play tomorrow for the good of football,” said Guardiola about his ex-boyfriend, of whom he commented on his departure from the game. Barcelona: “It was a surprise for everyone. Long time ago you couldn’t imagine it, but it happened. In life itself you never know what happens. I’m pretty sure I will be happy in Paris. “

The Manchester City manager did not want to make a comparison in this match with the semifinal tie between the two teams last season, from which the English side came out with flying colors: “Last season They were a fantastic team and it was a very funny game and now they have Messi. They are great competitors, but it’s a new game, it’s the group stage, it’s different. “

“They have talent and we have to do it as a team, since we cannot pressure just one player. We have to be compact, help each other and know that we are going to suffer. They are very good, and against this type of team. you have to be able to suffer for 90 minutes, “he declared.

The Catalan coach admitted that John stones you will have your chance. “He was late (for the season) and then he got injured. Aymeric (Laporte) and Ruben (Dias) They are playing well, but he needs minutes, “explained Guardiola, who announced that the German Ilkay Gundogan, absent against Chelsea, will not be in a position to reappear until after the break due to the activity of the national teams.