Pugilists about to close preparation for National Games

Rafael Gonzalez Puebla / 09.10.2021 18:48:43 To achieve a worthy representation in the National Popular Gam

Rafael Gonzalez

Puebla / 09.10.2021 18:48:43

To achieve a worthy representation in the National Popular Games is the aspiration of the members of the Puebla boxing team, which will be held from October 17 to 22, in Acapulco, Guerrero. The delegation, made up of ten female fighters from the 2005 and 2006 categories, is made up of three female fighters and the rest male.

This was announced by Omar Silva, president of the Union of Mexican of Excellence (UMBE) Puebla and sports director of Boxing Club, a gym that recently completed five years of life, who highlighted that athletes have been training for more than a month.

“They go with all the preparation. We are working three times a week. We are putting pressure because the countdown is ticking. We are preparing the exponents very hard, although a bit at a forced marches ”.

He indicated that the objective is to surpass the five obtained two years ago, although he acknowledged that the work will not be easy as it affected the strike due to the pandemic and the insecurity regarding the holding of the fair.

He recognized that the preparation time is very little, so they adjusted with daily workouts at home and three times a week together.

He mentioned that those selected are preparing and for that, they are working alongside the elite team.

He reiterated that the expectations are to obtain at least the same five medals that were harvested two years ago, knowing that they will see a stronger level since other states have also prepared and the number of participants increased.

“We have great exponents, Hilda Caballero and Luz Fernández are in the women’s branch, as well as Adán González and Diego Flores, who is one of the strong cards. We want to bring the five medals, surpass last year’s result, but we know that there will also be surprises ”.

He added that they have worked very hard on the psychological aspect and concentration, where they have paid a lot of attention. “We have instilled responsibility and discipline in them,” he concluded.