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Pumas makes distinction in the team to travel to Barcelona

Pumas makes distinction in the team to travel to Barcelona

Cougars already traveling To Barcelona to face the Catalan team next Sunday on the trophy Joan Gamper. In total, there were 23 elements that he summoned Andres Lillini to hold the match against the ‘blaugranas’ in the Camp Nou. However, one of the situations that strongly called attention was the way in which the team was divided to travel.

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Through social networks, photos of different players on the plane circulated. While items like Adrián Aldrete, Efraín ‘Chispa’ Velarde, Higor Meritao and Diogo de Oliveira, could be seen in private seats, players like Jorge Ruvalcaba, Marco García and even Arturo ‘Palermo’ Ortiz they were seen in a commercial flight.

Of course, this situation did not go unnoticed in the networks, because the followers of the college team They demanded equal treatment for all the players that make up the squad. However, so far there has been no response from the team.

In Pumas they know nothing about Al-Shabad

Of course one of the situations from which more was talked about before the varsity team left for Old continentwas one of the rumors that put Juan Ignacio Dinenno in the orbit of the team Saudi Arabia. About, Andrés Lilini was forceful.

“Nobody told me anything. I found out because they wrote to me. I see him eager to score a goalnot to leave”, the strategist pointed out.

On the other hand, the same Dinenno accepted that he was surprised by the rumors who put it in the Al-Shabad, in turn to dismiss them.

I know nothing. Just like it surprised you, it surprised me.. There’s no point in talking of the future right now. Let’s go on date six ”, he finished.

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