Quique: “Football has given us back what it took from us”

They came from losing points in the last minutes. Today it was the other way around. We had forgotten the above. One cannot correct good or bad

They came from losing points in the last minutes. Today it was the other way around.

We had forgotten the above. One cannot correct good or bad luck. We try to finish the games as far from our goal. We wanted to win this game anyway. Football has given us back what it had taken from us before in the last minute.

How do you feel seeing Getafe out of relegation for the first time?

I am a minimal part of a project that is Getafe. What it means for me must mean for everyone and it is a lot. The players work enormously during the week. We are breaking down small barriers that make us freer. Do not trust.

We have taken a step forward, but in football there are steps backwards and to the side constantly.

Does Poveda’s victory or goal make you happier?

Everything makes me happy. That the fans have endured until the end with the expectation that what happened could happen. See the bright eyes in the locker room. Poveda has a past of injuries and I understand what he may feel. This can free you up a lot for the future.

How did you experience it in your cabin?

I would love to have lived it down and share it. The cabin I was in has shaken. I take the stadium that has roared. With that I stay. Whether we go forward is everyone’s business.

Was the match as you expected?

Osasuna knows exactly what he’s doing. He measures how to lower the ball, how to hurt yourself and he has his tools very well worked. Make few mistakes and have chances until the end. A match very similar to the expected one came out.

What do you ask for Christmas?

We are going away with great enthusiasm and we are going to take good care of ourselves. We see how the situation is worldwide. I’m not going to ask for anything, just health.

What happened to Cuenca?

I think he has nothing, just muscle overload. The Jankto replacement gave us verticality and it was something that emerged.

On what line would you request a transfer to return?

May all the players come to me healthy and may the ones we have be better and feel better footballers.

Raze yourself: “The defeat hurts me, not the streak”

What is your assessment of the game?

We had controlled the game. The first half hour of the second half was good and we had our chances. They have beaten us in the action of the goal. It hurts because it was a very important game and now we have many days when we cannot make up for ourselves.

Nine games without winning. Very annoyed with the losing streak?

At times we played a good game. When you do not take advantage of your moment in the end the rival shakes you. We did not defend that center well and it bothers me today, not the streak.

Osasuna Shield / Flag

How do they face the break?

With the idea of ​​disconnecting and enjoying with our people. The world is as it is and we have to be with the family. We don’t know what will happen. Today Aridane, Bumidir, Kike fell… They were important players for the passing game in a match like today.

Was the problem in the passing game?

We made a triangle with Torró in front to close Ünal. We did well until that last play that spoils everything a bit. The match was even. We had clear chances, the game was better than Levante, but we didn’t get anything.

What do you say to the fans annoyed by this losing streak?

Enjoy Christmas and that when you return we will give you joy all together. There are many left in LaLiga and in the Cup and we hope to do very well.