Rangnick, head of the ‘devils’, recognizes Cristiano Ronaldo’s problems: “I talked to him and …”

Updated 01/11/2022 - 08:41 Cristiano Ronaldo the victory of 'his' Manchester United before the 'villains' of the Aston Villa by the minimum (1-0)

01/11/2022 –

the victory of ‘his’ before the ‘villains’ of the Aston Villa by the minimum (1-0) in the FA Cup. The ex-Madridista, arrived this summer at Manchester after passing through the Juventus, He keeps complaining of muscle problems.

The unreasonable resemblance of the new Cristiano Ronaldo statue

The master Ralf rangnick He explained this Monday what happened to him and took the issue away. On the absence of the Portuguese in recent times, the master said: “I spoke with Cristiano yesterday before training, he told me that he has had some problems in the last days. Minor problems, but in the end we decided that it made more sense not to take any risks. in a game that could easily last 120 minutes, so we decided to give him rest. He has some problems with his hip, with his hip muscle. I don’t think it’s anything serious. ” The attacker is not finishing his triumph on his return home.

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Does not finish curdling

The truth is that the forward is not finding his best version. Some rumors in England already place him out of the team because he has not been able to adapt. It even sounds like a luxury signing for FC Barcelona. In any case, the former Madrid player has scored important goals this season and still intends to be key for the ‘devils’ in the remainder of the campaign.