RD boxing, orphan of world champions;

RD boxing, orphan of world champions; experts hope who will be the next monarchs Professional boxing in the Dominican Republic once again returne

RD boxing, orphan of world champions; experts hope who will be the next monarchs

Professional boxing in the Dominican Republic once again returned to “orphanhood” when it comes to winning world champions.

Indeed, the only two Creole boxers who held world championships -Alberto “Avispa” Puello and Erick -Mini-Pacman-, were stripped of their respective crowns.

This happened after the executive committee of the> World Boxing Association (WBA) issued a resolution in which it leaves the fighters who had won them without titles, but on an “interim” basis.

That is, the WBA ruled against the so-called “intinerato” which means that this body no longer validates those who owned those crowns which were always questioned by boxing experts.

“La Avista” Puello, who won the junior welterweight belt on July 28, 2019 by defeating his countryman Johnatan Alonso Alfonso – on a poster mounted at the Cartos “Teo” Cruz Coliseum – defended his crown positively.

The young Dominican fighter, a native of San Juan de la Maguana, and who remains undefeated, defended his interim WBA junior welterweight belt without major difficulties by defeating the brave Mexican fighter Josús Antonio Rubio by unanimous decision.

While Erick -Mini-Pacman- Rosa, wrote a unique story for local boxing by annexing the minimum championship (105), also interim.

Mini-Pacman, although in a close fight, won the victory against the dangerous Peruvian fighter Ricardo Astuvila. It happened on the same card that Avispa Puello made the second defense of his interim 140-pound title.

The Dominican Republic, in its respectable history in pay boxing, registers 23 world titles – for men – and four contributed by women.

Carlos “Teo” Cruz has the high merit of having been the first Dominican fighter to win a belt in the world. The momentous event was recorded on June 29, 1968 after beating Puerto Rican Carlos Ortiz by unanimous decision in 15 rounds in a fight held at the old Quisqueya Stadium in Santo Domingo.

Juan Guzmán, recently deceased in New York, managed to give the country its second world crown by defeating (on July 1, 1976) the Panamanian Jaime -Cieguito- Ríos. Guzmán won the light fly title (108 pounds).

In modern times other stellar fought creoles were annexed world crowns. Among them are Leonardo “Leo” Cruz, Javier -El Abejón- Fortuna and Joan Guzmán.

Local analysts hope that the Wasp Puello and Mini-Pacman, when their turn to go to world belt fights again, will repeat the winning story.

El Abejón Fortuna and Carlos “Caballo” Bronco, although they failed in their recent fights in which they aspired to be headlines in the world, still constitute “good hopes” for the Dominican Republic to leave behind the “orphanhood” and appear among the winning countries of world crowns in the boxing of these times.