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Real Madrid: Mendy is indecipherable

There are so many Ferland Mendy in Ferland Mendy during a match that it is almost impossible to get bored with him. A side that generates so much confusion in his own and others that he is stealthily advancing towards a cult figure among Madrid fans. Their roulette a bare chest (and defense) have become so iconic this season at Real Madrid like Alaba’s chair or Ancelotti’s cigar.

His goal against Levante reinforces and defines him, at the same time. The Frenchman advanced forty meters and during all that time he showed his entire repertoire: a physical start in the clearance, poor control, worse driving that allowed Miramón to reduce a great disadvantage and in the end, when the matter seemed out of control with the madridista starting to go down, left-footed shot sneaking the ball through the only little crack available. software with big data used by Movistar+ in its broadcasts showed that Mendy had only a 7 percent chance that this occasion would end in a goal…

Mendy maintains his role as starting left back in this Madrid and, for now, in the one to come. It’s not a minor thing, because right now the stall of three is busier than the Marx’s cabin. The signing already closed Rudiger ‘frees’ Alaba to be able to also be a left-back. That’s the defensive profile. For the offensive there are two candidates. One, Frank Garciawho wants to make the leap to a higher step this summer (recovering it would cost Madrid €5M) and the other is Miguel Gutierrez. The castillista goes so far in the good sense of the term that he even speeds up the deadlines set by medicine. He is very close to returning two weeks early from the initial two-month leave period following the arthroscopy he underwent on April 1 in London. A party from which Marceloby the way, he will leave on June 30 but as happens in all good parties, with shame of having to grab the jacket to go home and ready in case you receive one of those WhatsApp from come back for the last one.

Mendy’s goal, after avoiding Miramón who had come to hit him.

France’s fourth winger…

But going back to Mendy, it’s striking because he’s the only one from the starting lineup who isn’t counting on his team. Courtois, Carvajal, Militao and Alaba will go to the World Cup but the Frenchman can win the Champions League in two weeks and maybe it won’t work for him blue. Deschamps hasn’t given him a minute since September 2020 and is looking at Theo Hernández and Lucas Digne for Qatar. Even Leo Dubois (Lyon) has been ahead. Mendy seems indecipherable at times, but not that much.

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