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Real Madrid: result, goals and summary of the LaLiga match

He could have arrived in a better situation if he had taken advantage of the options he had against a rival who continued with his rotation policy, who conceded too much and who clung to the good afternoon of Andrey Lunin, who stopped a maximum penalty with 1-1 to Alvaro Negredo.

Cadiz 1-1 Madrid

Majorca 2-1 Lightning

Raise 2-1 Alaves

Betis 2-0 Grenada

Getafe 0-0 Barca

Atletico 1-1 Seville

Villarreal 1-2 Royal Society

Athletic 2-0 Osasuna

Celtic 1-0 Elche

Cadiz 1-1 Madrid

Majorca 1-0 Lightning

Raise 0-0 Alaves

Betis 1-0 Grenada

Getafe 0-0 Barca

Atletico 1-0 Seville

Villarreal 1-0 Royal Society

Athletic 1-0 Osasuna

Celtic 1-0 Elche

In addition, they must not forget that they signed one of their thickest games of the season precisely against a Cádiz that stopped them at the Bernabéu with a goalless draw. If those of Sergio González, who in his time at Valladolid always created difficulties for him, do it again, he will join

Real Madrid visits the Nuevo Mirandilla this Sunday (7:30 p.m.) in a match on matchday 37 of LaLiga Santander, with the aim of insisting on getting ready for the final in Paris against Cádiz, who are currently out of the relegation, which needs to add to arrive with a little more air to the last game of the competition and to which a victory could save him.

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