Real Madrid: The best season in the history of Real Madrid?: “They have put the world of football in its place”

ANDn 2017, the real Madrid For the first time in its history, it managed to lift four titles. those of Zinedine Zidane they won European Super Cup

Real Madrid: The best season in the history of Real Madrid?: “They have put the world of football in its place”

ANDn 2017, the For the first time in its history, it managed to lift four titles. those of Zinedine Zidane they won European Super Cup, League, Club World Cup and Champions.

In the recently completed, the pupils of Carlo Ancelotti They have managed to harvest three: Spanish Super Cup, League and Champions. When it seemed that the whites were on their way to a transition course, without major signings signed during the summer, the ‘merengues’ have finished the campaign shining above all in Europe, where they signed a surprising and brilliant success.

Despite not being the one with the largest harvest (three as in 56-57, 88-89 and 02-03 compared to four in 16-17 and 17-18), the debate on whether or not it has been the best campaign in history is open. Only a ‘problem’ emerges.

“In terms of titles, it has been the best season. But in terms of football, no. In the Champions League, the rivals were superior for a long time, both PSG and City, Chelsea or Liverpool. For example, although they did not win the Champions League, La Quinta gave much more of a show, football-wise. They won five leagues in a row. And the Galactics also offered moments of great football, although they only reigned once in Europe against Leverkusen and they were not all together. This Madrid, in a very good year, has lacked football for many times. What happens is that he has had Courtois, Benzema, the issue of comebacks… But the fact that Courtois comes out as the best goalkeeper in the world is something that says a lot,” he explains. Totea youth squad player who did not settle down and succeed in the first team, as the members of the fifth.

Precisely because of its great fire, that magical generation led by Butragueño is always remembered. “Each squad or season has its conditions. For example, we had a team full of Spaniards where only three players were not eligible for Spain. That must be valued. Each era has its merits and difficulties. Great football was played, but there was no ‘double’ like this year’s. In any case, I think it doesn’t matter. The key is that Madrid is a devourer of titles, that everyone wants to play here”, he recalls. Paco Buyoputting in value to his generation.

However, the discussion seems inconsequential to him: “Having 120 years of history, the club has many extraordinary seasons. What happens is that, in football, we have a fragile memory and we always keep the latest. I don’t know if it has been the best season ever, because it is difficult to evaluate, as much as to say which footballer is the best in history. I think not. It is absurd to say it because, to be the best, you have to win absolutely everything. We recently also won another ‘double’ which was brilliant.”

the best boxer

The methodology, together with greater or lesser beauty, matters only if it is linked to effectiveness. “The memory does not remember the game, only the titles.During Sacchi’s time at Real Madrid, we were working side by side, and on a trip he told me that, regarding his fantastic Milan, everyone remembered Van Basten, Maldini… but that the leader was Ancelotti. You don’t have to be a great artist of the methodology, but you do have to be a great group manager. And in this Real Madrid his hand has been seen to perfection. It hasn’t been the most precious, in fact perhaps Zidane’s Champions League was better; however, he has competed like no one else”, confirms Miguel Angel Portugal.

The key is to be the best fighter. “These days the children asked me if Madrid had deserved to win the Champions League and I gave them a specific example. This is like boxing. It is not the one who hits the most who wins, but the one who ends up knocking out the rival. Real Madrid is not the one that has given the most blows, but the ones it has launched have been worth knocking out. I am convinced that, as exciting and surprising, it has been the most important in history; even so, in other seasons he has managed to make more rounded campaigns. I don’t remember another course where their main rivals (Barça, Atleti, Valencia…) were so weak in the League. In the past he has been better, but here he has been the deadliest fighter,” he explains. Adolfo Aldanawho also got another ‘double’ with the whites.

A ‘stick’ for the gurus

Poly Corner, who was from 79 to 81 at the club, is clear that “as far as the squad is concerned, it may be worse than the time of Di Stéfano, Gento… Surely. But a good squad is not made by names, but by players”. And he insists: “And a good season are titles. In this last year the team has shown that there is no club in Europe or in the world that can be bought. Neither City, nor PSG (which has been mediocre in Europe because it’s worth nothing), nor Liverpool… have been able to beat Madrid. Ancelotti’s men have put the world of football in its place. He is the only one who writes the story. He has written it and he will be the one to write it in the future. We can talk about whatever you want: objective, subjective, the Metaverse… but reality is what it is: Real Madrid is unique. They have faced the great favorites in Europe and have beaten them. Never in history was there such a thing, where the strongest were won over one after another.”

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Only Bayern was missing. It is that all the bulls have passed through here, except the Germans. The template was not the best and that is why this one has even more merit. The maximum possible performance has been obtained and that is why it can be said that, if it is not the best, it is one of the best”, adds AmancioMadrid legend.

Returning to Rincón, for him the key factor of the season is the bench: “I am going to remind the gurus who talk so much that there is no coach with six Champions Leagues (four as a manager and two as a player) like Ancelotti. People talk about Guardiola, about Klopp… I don’t hear anyone say that he is the best coach: only that he is lucky, that he plays like this or ‘asao’, that he has gardens, parks… This is about winning and that DNA only has one team in the world, which is the real Madrid. And Ancelotti is largely to blame for having recovered it.”

No trace of the transition

“The history of Madrid is very big, but what I have experienced is for me. Because it was a year of transition and it has become a year of total success. I can’t remember another like this one, because there was a lot of superiority in the League and they made history in the Champions League with their comebacks. The template has not been the best in history; however, the season itself”, explains Ivan Perez Munoz.

For me, this season has been one of the greatest because it was a year of transition and it has become a year of total success.

Iván Pérez Muñoz in MARK

His brother Alfonso is shown in the same line: “I have the feeling that there were other better seasons in terms of results and play, what happens is that in none of them do I remember that they have competed so well. It is that competitive gene that has led to the maximum. And there are still titles to fight for”.

An interwar course was expected, waiting for cracks like Mbappe or Haaland, and the best white version ended up coming out. “It has been very, very surprising. I think nobody expected much of anything and it has turned out to be perfect and the ‘double’ is more than deserved. To say whether or not it has been the best is to get into a mess, but if this streak of success is maintained in the future, we can say that it is the best squad. With a more or less new team, without people like Ramos or Cristiano, something very important has been achieved. No one remembers that famous transition that we were talking about at the beginning”, explains Sebastian Losada.

To say whether or not it has been the best campaign in history is to get into a mess

Sebas Losada in BRAND

The chants of Madrid on the balcony: “How can I not love you!”

The year in which madridismo grew

“All these games are the ones that unite a lot. The new generations are passionate about comebacks. What has been experienced makes fans and multiplies Real Madrid… I think it has been the best of the season. That spirit and that way of winning and believing until the end… are values ​​rooted in Real Madrid”, he explains. albert good.

What has been experienced makes fans and multiplies madridismo… I think it has been the best of the season

Alberto Bueno in MARK

Ancelotti did it again: he sang the Décima anthem again at the Bernabéu

When I was a youth player “I was excited to go to the Bernabéu because seeing the Galacticos live was something impressive. Raúl, Ronaldo, Figo… it’s true that they lacked winning a Champions League together, but that was a show. As a squad they were better, but in this campaign what has prevailed has been the group and the level of the second unit, which has responded in decisive moments” .

For him, “the fact that Real Madrid has been reflected better than ever is the most positive thing.” Whether or not this campaign is the best ever, which is evident is what it reflects Well: Real Madrid has multiplied.