Real Madrid: Zidane turns football into art in Glasgow

Robert Charles You can say that he gave Zidane the goal pass in the final of Glasgow. It's true. As much as the value of that phrase has little mo

Real Madrid: Zidane turns football into art in Glasgow

Robert Charles You can say that he gave Zidane the goal pass in the final of Glasgow. It’s true. As much as the value of that phrase has little more than when Hector Henry self-proclaimed Maradona’s assistant in the goal of the century against England in the World Cup in Mexico. “With the pass I gave Maradona, if he didn’t score it was to kill him,” he always joked. Black.

the volley of Zidane It is one of the best works signed in the history of the european cup. In fact, it is the best goal ever seen since the competition was launched in 1955. so decided French Football on May 20, 2020, when Zidane’s volley against the Bayer Leverkusen It was chosen as the best goal that has been scored in all the matches played in the European Cup.

The 2001-02 began for on September 11, a few hours after the brutal terrorist attack on the Twin Towers from New York and to the Pentagon. UEFA decided that the best thing was to play. Madrid won 1-2.

It was not the only attack that the real Madrid in that Champions. On May 1, 2002, ETA blew up two car bombs in Madrid in less than half an hour. The first explosion was recorded at the foot of the Europe Tower, near the Santiago Bernabéu stadium, at 4:55 p.m. It was festive and at that time the atmosphere of the second leg of the semi-final against Barcelona was already palpable.

Despite what it meant for the security system, the match was played and Real Madrid made good the 0-2 they had achieved in the Camp Nou.

Leverkusen surprising finalist

The story of the goal of the ninth never heard before: “The ball goes very high… but it goes to Zidanasymmetric films

Real Madrid’s rival was the Bayer Leverkusenthe only team that has played a European Cup final without ever winning the league in their country. Europe was preparing for a final that has never been given, the clash between the two most popular teams on the old continent and have more global projection: Real Madrid and Manchester United.

But the giant of Old Trafford could not with the Germans. Three times the team was Ferguson ahead, but was left without playing the final 350 kilometers from home due to the double value of the goals in the opposite field: 2-2 and 1-1.

The final in Glasgow, a holy city for Real Madrid due to the victory over Eintracht in 1960 with the historic 7-3, seemed simple for Madrid. Its legend, its eight European Cups, its two titles in the last four editions, the team from Zidane, Figo, Raul, Iron….And yet…

extreme suffering

The first Champions of the Florentino Pérez era was not easy at all. Vicente del Bosque remembers her. “It was the opposite of what had happened two years before. In Paris, against Valencia, they were the ones who started as favourites. They had just eliminated Barcelona and we had had a rather irregular season despite being in the final. In Glasgow it was the other way around. People did not appreciate that Bayer had eliminated the Man Utd. However, in Paris we won somewhat placidly and in glasgow The suffering was tremendous.”

It was the end of Zidane (“Zizou’s goal is a work of art, an action that is pure aesthetics, of a spectacular nature that is rarely seen in football and less so in a final,” says Del Bosque; boxeswho was a substitute when César was injured (“There are still nights when I wake up watching those saves,” says Berbatov, when the Bulgarian striker who was from Leverkusen in 2002 is reminded of the final), but not only theirs.

Real Madrid is eternal and my obligation will always be to improve its image

Florentino Perez

“Solari made a great game playing almost as a central midfielder. In that European Cup there were very important players who are hardly talked about. Geremi he played in the quarterfinals in Munich and scored. McManaman, who always gave us a great performance, made it 0-2 at the Camp Nou in the semi-finals. They were two players whom the Bernabéu did not hold in high esteem, but they were well loved in the dressing room and whenever they played they added up. And a lot,” recalls Del Bosque.

Figo’s ankle

From the end he left louis figo with half an hour to go, when the Germans refused to surrender. He left angry leaving his place to McManaman, but he was the first who knew that his ankle was not enough for more. In the end he arrived with the joint so damaged that putting on and taking off the boot was quite a feat. But it was his final, for which he had signed for Madrid and forced himself beyond what was due to play it. Was the Ninth.