Real Sociedad – Valencia: Bordals kills football

José Bordalás is a harmful character for football. He is also a great coach, but it cannot be that all his teams are preaching destructive play w

José Bordalás is a harmful character for football. He is also a great coach, but it cannot be that all his teams are preaching destructive play while planning all the possible traps that can be made in this sport with the collusion of an incompetent referee and the rules themselves. His is a replica of his Getafe that even the technicians who have replaced him this year have privately acknowledged that they were worried about the bad reputation and animosity that his team had generated in his previous stage. It is clear that in today’s football what prevails is the result and many leaders They do not care about the means to achieve the desired end. But the truth is that yesterday it was awful to see what Valencia has become, with the good players that it still has in its squad but who seemed like the classic small team that has been playing the category and that spends the entire match pretending and provoking . As expected, the was defeated again in that other underground football and Aritz saw the red for turning on the ground after a flagrant foul by Wass. It is true that he barely hit him, but it did not take Melero a second to show him the way to the locker room. Nor the reaction based on the caste and the unconditional support of his fans, who had enough patience to support the two damn outlaws, the bench and the illustrious collegiate, served to add a victory that would have allowed the royalists to regain the lead.

Bordalás is a great coach. He has taken the measure to the Real. He knows very well how to close all the paths to block their touch and possession football. Valencia managed to ensure that none of the quality Blue and Whites were close to their usual level. And above all, annulled Merino and Silva, thus short-circuiting the txuri-urdin game without neither Imanol, nor his pupils finding solutions or answers in a field full of mines.

The Oriotarra surprised with changes in all the lines except in the goal. In the rear he decided on Gorosabel and Rico; in the center of the field Guevara took the baton; and up front he preferred to protect Oyarzabal to opt for Barrenetxea as Isak and Januzaj’s partner. In Valencia, Bordalás solved his crisis in the axis of the rear, with the central Diakhaby and Alderete. It was soon discovered that his team has the same Getafe stamp of recent years. An uncomfortable rival, that does not let you breathe, that does not grant you any ease and that dominates the other football to perfection. It is evident that it is not a coincidence, because Valencia de Gracia did not win at home last year and had no point of comparison with the eleven gladiators who appeared yesterday in fighting for each ball as if it were their life in this and that every time they felt the slightest contact they collapsed to the ground as if suffering a long-term injury. Miraculously, after a few seconds they got up like nothing. In summary, a continuous attack on football regrettable (This should be pursued by the VAR). Of those that end up driving you crazy. If you are lucky enough to have a referee like Melero López, who was one of the heaviest referees in the First Division and had to spend a vacation with Mateu Lahoz, because suddenly nothing whistles and everything happens, the plot gets complicated. If you put Bordalás and Melero in the cocktail shaker, the result can never aspire to be too satisfying. Of course not.

Of course, as a coach he is intelligent and has long taken the measure of the offensive proposal of the Real. The technician closed the interior corridors and brought their lines together a lot to form a funnel in which Merino and Silva wandered with little coming into play. It took a lot for the Real to find a rhythm That he was interested in what meant that he hardly generated danger. Januzaj, who is in great shape to the point that his absence from his team has surprised even in his own country, was his most destabilizing weapon. The Belgian was the first to try his luck, in a horizontal run that culminated in a deflected shot. The only visitor scare came in a very serious failure by Rico, who did not quite fit in, and which was saved by Gorosabel when Guedes was about to finish.

The best local opportunity was signed by Isak in a great half-lap that culminated in the left foot forcing Cillessen to make a great save. To swedish they got him out of his mind because he did not stop receiving blows without the braid being taken for granted. Before intermission, Merino also tested his left foot with a thread that the squad could not find.

The second half started with Oyarzabal warming up on the band. For commenting. Something could change € La Real had a secret weapon that, above all, could restore the deficit of self-confidence that it had been consuming every time it hit the Ché wall over and over again. But not for those. The entrance of Zumosol’s cousin activated the stands, but the team was still mired in a depression that prevented it from imposing itself on its sticky and aggressive opponent. Soler was the first to kick on goal in the second half, but Remiro answered for sure. The game was getting more and more muddled, among other things because the referee was an arsonist, smothering each fire with a flamethrower. The red to Aritz in the 75th minute It disrupted the final offensive of Imanol’s men, who still and everything threw their caste and the breath of their dedicated fans to generate an option such as Isak’s individual play, which culminated in a deflected shot, or Turrientes’s left-handed shot that Cillessen stopped. In the other goal, Gayá, who in the last minutes usually goes hunting without caring about his initial role, tested Remiro and was about to reach a poisoned foul by Soler, who ended up licking the stick.

A point and agur lead on a gray and raging night. Before a villain already known as Bordalás, of whom you know in advance the type of battle with bad arts that awaits you, and a referee like Melero López, who is so incompetent that it is difficult to understand why they have appointed him so soon to the Royal when he refereed him only three days ago in Vigo. Perhaps it was so that we would not make mistakes and understand that he is still the same unskilled as ever. A shame, but in another closed and uninspired team meeting, tenth clean sheet and a new point to the pocket. And we continue to bingo, because, walker, the path is made by walking. And La Real continues its exciting journey with a firm step.