Record of participation in the V Solidarity Golf Tournament of the Telephone of Hope | Huelva24

Last Saturday, September 18, more than 150 participants of the two categories They enjoyed an exciting day of golf with a purpose of solidarity:

Last Saturday, September 18, more than 150 participants of the two categories They enjoyed an exciting day of with a purpose of : to give visibility and raise funds for the Telephone of Hope, an association that celebrates its fiftieth anniversary this year.

They attended the celebration some of the most important institutions in the city. Gabriel Cruz, mayor of Huelva, and his namesake in Aljaraque, David Toscano, were present at the La Monacilla Golf Club. There was also the president of the Port, Pilar Miranda, who was also the godmother of this edition.

After the words of welcome by Ricardo Bescansa, director of the Club La Monacilla, Miranda highlighted, during the awards ceremony for the winners, the predisposition of the Port to take part in numerous projects of the association and the importance of the work carried out by its volunteers. The union of the Huelva business fabric was also praised as a fundamental basis for the growth of the city of Huelva.

[Img #284361]The Councilor for Social Policies and Equality of the Huelva City Council, María José Pulido, also present, transmitted the power of sport as an agent of social change and put the Telephone of Hope as a reference in the promotion of emotional health, so transcendental in the lives of citizens in these turbulent moments after the pandemic.

For his part, President of the Telephone of Hope in Huelva, Luis Benítez, focused his speech on thanking the La Monacilla Golf Club, the institutions, collaborators, participants and volunteers, without whom the work of the Association and events like this would be impossible, of which he said “will remain in everyone’s memory ”.

[Img #284362]The Tournament winners were Diego José Quintero Arrayás, in the first category and Scratch and Rocío Bacedoni Haro as best lady, receiving their corresponding trophies and awards from María José Pulido and Pilar Miranda.

The range of activities to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary will continue with the presentation of the workshops at La Gota de Leche on Thursday, September 23, and a grand Gala at the Gran Teatro on Wednesday, October 6.