Rena, futsal in the DNA

Bambatan Ren

Bambatan Rena will play in the Second B futsal next season

The secret? Take futsal in the . Proof of this are the Requero brothers, Juanlu and Víctor, players from El Pozo Murcia and both with experience in matches and training with the national team. They are the tip of the spear, but the names of this ascent are those of Juan Cobos, Isra Gutiérrez, Abel Jiménez, Jonathan Requero, Antonio Reseco, Fabián Rodríguez, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Alejandro Amoedo, Abdeslam Abdelahe, Javier Elena, Jesús Búrdalo, Javier Cuarto, Cristhian Fernández, José Luis Paredes and Alejandro Valle. They have been directed by Mario Valero with the help of Moisés Felipe and, behind the scenes, the president, José Luis Sánchez, “and Belén, María del Mar, Chiqui, Juanfran, who make up the board of directors and are tireless,” says Valero, the team’s coach and one of the founders, protagonist along with the president of that bar conversation.

Bambatan Rena has been competing ‘regularly’ for three seasons. Before, it was the typical team that got together in the summer to go through the towns playing futsal marathons. «We always looked good, first, second…». Three years ago, after that bar conversation, they decided to take it more seriously.

Action from the match between Bambatan Rena and Grupo López Bolaños in the Extremadura Cup. Javier Mendoza / FExF

Their first campaign did not go badly for them, but the covid ruined the plans. In the second they got promoted to Third and in the third, they went up to Second B. Unstoppable. “This year’s team is practically the same as the previous one,” explains Valero. They made a transfer and, at Christmas, they were joined by two other players.

The base, the essence, is Rena, how could it be otherwise. Half of the players are from the town and the other half come from towns in the area: Villar de Rena, Puebla de Alcollarín, Zorita, Don Benito and Villanueva de la Serena.

“Every time we go to train we have to throw out 15 or 20 children who are playing in the pavilion,” says Valero proudly, aware that this is a rarity in such a small town. The children there no longer want soccer, but futsal, like their elders. The Unión Deportiva Rena Club, name of the entity, has had a school since Benjamin and next season will debut a youth team.

The other leg of success is his hobby. Last Friday, in the first leg of the final against Granja Futsal, some 400 people packed the pavilion. “There were a lot of people who didn’t come because they knew they weren’t going to get in.” That day Rena won 8-1. On Sunday at Granja de Torrehermosa they lost 6-2, but it was the sweetest defeat. The aggregate, 10-7, took them to Segunda B, where next season they will compete with teams such as Inter Movistar B, Soliss Talavera, Ciudad de Móstoles or Albacete, among others, in addition to Cáceres Universidad, Grupo López Bolaños and Jerez Futsal, the other three from Extremadura in the category.

Vertigo? “No, just a lot of enthusiasm,” says Valero, who has been disconnecting for a few weeks. Then he has to start planning the next season. The objective, the permanence and that, he says, must be tied at home, before his people. And the economic issue? «The president told us to go up, that he was in charge of the rest, to look for the money under the stones». Well, you have homework.