Residential and golf tourism drive growth in Murcia

The residential tourist market will grow in the coming years in the region of Murcia, under the protection of a type of tourist who loves golf. Th

The residential tourist market will grow in the coming years in the region of Murcia, under the protection of a type of tourist who loves golf. That’s how he considers it Joaquin Medinapresident of the Association of Golf Entrepreneurs of the Region of Murcia, which affirms that this sport is the great ally of the industry in the area. “It is one of the countries that spends the most daily, demands quality services and has a direct impact on our hospitality, commerce and transport“. In this sense, Medina defends that “should be a primary objective in the model of economic growth future of the autonomous community”.

The keys that make this enclave an interesting place for this market niche are, according to Medina, in “being a Mediterranean region, with a fantastic climate, well connected to Europe and with very affordable prices when buying a home“. All these advantages, “joined the fantastic golf courses and services” represent an attraction for the real estate investor.

“The cost of living is below the European average and we have legal guarantees and security,” says Medina, who assures that the most consolidated market in Murcia is the British, with an average age of over 50 years and with a stay that usually ranges between six and eight months. It also highlights that the Nordic visitor is currently growing considerably.

In this same sense it is pronounced Francis PujolDirector of Real Estate of Arum Groupthe main residential development company of La Manga Club through La Manga Club Properties: “There is a notable increase in interest in acquiring both residences and plots, as shown by the continuous arrival of leads. And this is also a consequence of the increase in the number of users who use the complex’s sports services, including its offer of golf, awarded and recognized throughout Europe”. Pujol points out that “this profile of visitor spends more and more time in the region, their expenses double those of conventional tourists and their activity allows the economy of the area to be boosted during all seasons of the year”.

In Spain, almost 300,000 homes have been purchased by golf tourists, which means that 23.9% stay in residences they own. The Region of Murcia ranks third among its favorite destinations: here 29,051 homes are associated with golf tourism with an investment of almost 3,000 million euros, according to data from the INE, the Association of Property Registrars and the Idealista real estate portal for a report recently prepared by the Instituto de Empresa (IE) Business University.

In first place in the ranking is Andalusia, with 102,439 homes purchased by golf tourists, and in second place Valencia with 101,170 homes. After Murcia comes the Balearic Islands, with 22,300 homes, and a little further on, the Canary Islands, with 12,424 properties, and Catalonia with 12,254.

According to this report, Golf as a catalyst for economic activity in Spainsponsored by the Spanish Association of Golf Courses (AECG) and the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG), in collaboration with IE Business University, this segment generates a direct impact of 5,418 million euros per year in Spain, a figure that rises up to 12,769 million if we include the indirect impact. The entity ensures that our country is the first destination in the world in international golf tourism and attracts around 1.2 million foreigners annually.

This means that golf is a decisive element in the choice of Spain as a tourist destination for many. The Association especially emphasizes that golf attracts the real estate investor, highlighting that “The golf tourist invests in real estate 5 times more than the conventional tourist”.

On the other hand, the latest analysis on the socioeconomic impact of the golf industry in the region of Murcia, prepared by the University of Murcia with data from 2017, shows that tourism contributes around 8% of the region’s GDP and generates more than 4,200 direct jobs. It concludes that the golf industry is a brake on the seasonality of tourism. It also highlights that 138,000 tourists come to Murcia annually for the purpose of playing golf, with their average spending being 170 euros per day in the case of foreigners and 96 in the case of nationals. The Region of Murcia is the fifth most visited national destination by international golf tourists, and has a total offer of 22 courses.

Residential offer in one of the most emblematic golf resorts in Spain

La Manga Club Properties currently has several housing developments for sale and more than 10,000 m2 of plots, 1,300 of them buildable, a great potential to welcome an investor who contributes to boosting and stabilizing tourist activity on the Costa Cálida due to its high purchasing power, a destination that is characterized by the stability of its climate and environment. If any sport distinguishes La Manga Club among the best sports complexes in the world, it is golf. The resort has 3 18-hole golf courses that are located over almost 6 square kilometers and each course offers a different course to the player.

The investor profile in this complex is mainly British (86%), followed by Belgians, Germans and Canadians. This area has 300 days of sunshine a year. Therefore, the main motivation for purchasing a property is the climate (77%), followed by their love of golf and the security they find.

About La Manga Club Properties

La Manga Club Properties is the company managed by Arum Group that leads residential development in this exclusive area of ​​the Costa Cálida. Its offer is characterized by meeting demanding standards of quality, location, amenities and architecture to attract a luxury investor. With a personalized treatment adapted to the new times, La Manga Club Properties plans and manages the entire process of construction and residential development of villas, apartments and shopping centers, to help make La Manga Club even more of a dream destination where you can enjoy almost all year round from the sun, the sea and a protected environment.