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Result of Free Practice 3 of the F1 Belgian GP

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Sooooooo good afternoon!!! welcome to one new free practice session for the Belgian Grand Prix. It is the last test before the classification begins, which will start at four in the afternoon and can be followed through with all the details. But for now, the teams will have to make the final adjustments for the race. Yesterday, the first two sessions took place practically without surprises. Carlos Sainz led the FP1; Verstappen, the seconds.

But we must remember that we are before the who lead the World Cup standings, will be suspended and will have to start at the back of the grid. Will there be a battle between them? That is expected, along with a heads-up comeback. But they will not be the only ones who will be behind. In total, and for changes to the or elements, six will be punished. Jalong with Max and Charles, Ocon, Schumacher, Norris and Bottas. Everyone has taken the opportunity to make the pertinent modifications after the summer break.

And this leaves the door open to a great performance by Carlos Sainz on the weekend. Yesterday he already looked eager and strong to take pole position today, we will have to check how is the pace of his Ferrari in these Free Practice 3, although everything seems to indicate that the car is fast. Special attention not only to Czech Perezwho seems not to have fully woken up yet with his Red Bullbut also to the Mercedes. They arrive on the rise. Before the break it seemed that they had taken a leap. Yesterday, Hamilton admitted that he didn’t know why they weren’t fast. But who knows if they can surprise today and tomorrow in the race.

Russell, Hamilton, Perez and Sainz They are probably, and except for surprise, the ones who will be fighting for victory. A gap in the top positions that also wants with his Alpine. Friday’s times weren’t the best, but he hopes to be competitive this weekend. Let’s remember that his teammate will penalize.

All this and much more in this last free practice session. Let’s start!!

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