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It was recently known that Christian Bonilla he retired from football at his 28 years. The Colombian was playing with Saint Anthony of the second

It was recently known that Christian Bonilla he retired from football at his 28 years. The Colombian was playing with Saint Anthony of the second division of the United States, in fact, he played the first matches of the tournament, but surprised with this announcement.

At Snail Carousel, the Manizalita referred to the reason for this decision that could seem premature for soccer, highlighting that he prioritized the work with the company he has in Miami, as well as I no longer felt the same motivation.

“It is a very thoughtful decision, I had been thinking about it months ago. TI have to take charge of my business here in Miami that is real estate and I no longer felt the same passion that I once felt, that desire to dream of football and I have to be honest with myself and the profession that gave me so much. One day I woke up and felt that it was enough, play my second time in life. They can say that I am very young or very old, but I am calm”, he commented.

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About the present that he was having in the United States and the dreams that were no longer the same, he said: “I was happy in San Antonio, I had played the first three games. I did not lose the motivation to train, but I did need to be in charge of the company and could not be in both. You have to make these kinds of decisions, I no longer dreamed like I did when I was 18. First one is a human being, before being a footballer, only that it is difficult to make that decision. I retired in optimal conditions, I ended up playing”.

“Football was cool. but I no longer felt motivated. I hadn’t thought about doing it one day, I just woke up and said ‘it’s about time’. It’s your decision, many are afraid to do it, but you have to be honest, “she added.

Meanwhile, he highlighted the dreams he fulfilled in his career, in addition to having a career “impeccable at the disciplinary level”.

“I emphasize that I did not have any scandal, it was impeccable at the disciplinary level. First of all, I was and continue to be a person. In sports I achieved many dreams, I managed to play in Nacional, I raised many titles. I am one of the few players who went through the entire Colombian National Team process. The only thing I missed was playing a senior World Cup. I am grateful to God who gave me the opportunity to fulfill the dream,” he said.

Christian Bonilla, debuted at the age of 17 in Boyacá Chicó, after having started at Once Caldas in the formative stage and after going to Manchester City to try new opportunities.

Later, he came to National Athletic on loan, where he stayed until 2014, before coming to Equity and begin a series of comings and goings to the Medellin team.

In 2018 he played for Al Fayha from Saudi Arabia, playing 16 games. He later returned to La Equidad, passed through millionaires, where he barely played a game. Later he returned to the insurance team, with whom he played all of 2021. By 2022 he signed for San Antonio of the second division of the United States, playing three matches before announcing his retirement.

For his part, he joined the Colombia national team from the sub-15 category to the majors, participating in the U-17 and two U-20 World Cups, as well as the 2016 Rio Olympics.