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Reyes Espinoza conquered the 13th stage of the Professional Golf Ranking

Monterey / 05.07.2022 17:26:02

Espinosa needed 68 shots to take the victory with which he surprised the locals Mauricio Cue and Ricardo Ruiz, who together with Rodrigo Miralrio, from La Loma, tied for second place two shots behind the winner.

“I played very well and felt comfortable. I had a couple of problems that I knew how to solve calmly and without rushing. I feel very happy with this victory and hopefully it will be the first of many in the Ranking”, commented Espinoza.

The San Luis Potosí Country Club is a par 72 course, 6,400 yards long, narrow and with small greens, which became the perfect accomplice for Reyes, who played for note and knew how to stay calm when he got into the ball. in trouble.

“We are very grateful to the people of Campestre de San Luis, not only to its directors, but also to its partners who opened the doors of this beautiful club to us. One of the most important and traditional in the Mexican Bajío”, said Billy Carreto, a professional from Club La Loma, from San Luis Potosí, and one of those responsible for organizing the Ranking.

Regarding the path to the Player of the Year, there were no significant changes, since the leaders did not have the desired tournament in San Luis Potosí.

“Chano Esparza, from San Luis Potosí, who has had a solid year and has scored points in practically all the tournaments he has played, remains the leader. Esparza has 254 points, only 13 more than the second place player from Querétaro, from Juriquilla, Norman Pearl”, added Carreto.

The next stage of the Professional Golf Ranking will arrive in the north of the country, the Club Campestre de Monterrey will open its doors for the first time to a Ranking event. The tournament will be played next Monday.


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