Rioja supremacy in interprovincial duels

The local boxers reaped three wins, a draw and a loss in the amateur festival that took place at the San Lorenzo club, where the Chilean Calivar wa

The local boxers reaped three wins, a draw and a loss in the amateur festival that took place at the San Lorenzo club, where the Chilean Calivar was also crowned provincial champion.

The facilities of the San Lorenzo de Vargas Club were once again the venue for a new boxing festival, which took place this Friday night, before a good audience.
There were a total of seven amateur fights, which were held under the organization of Puñalada Promotions and the control of the Riojana Boxing Federation, where five interprovincial duels were at stake, in which local boxers measured strength against opponents from Salta and Catamarca.
The balance ended up being highly positive for the people of La Rioja, as they recorded three wins, one draw and one defeat.
The bottom match, where the “Minister Alfredo Menem Cup” was at stake, was the only one left without an owner, since the local Baltazar Fuentes and the Salta native Nicolás Rocabado tied after the jury’s decision, within the framework of the category up to 69 kg.
The decision was in accordance with the development of the three assaults, in which neither of them could make a difference.
In the context of a very balanced fight, the man from Salta was more active and with the intention of taking the initiative, but he could not connect clear hands. While the man from La Rioja was more static and threw fewer punches, although when he sought to attack from the inside, he was able to make the rigor of his left foot felt.

Rioja triumphs
In the light background of the night, Cristian Quinteros took the victory against Joaquín Gutiérrez, from Salta, for the category up to 75 kg.
After two even rounds, the man from La Rioja justified the jury’s decision in the final assault, when he took center stage in the fight and landed the clearest blows that allowed him to take advantage, meager but decisive.
Another of the victorious Riojans was Leonel Pacheco, who prevailed without objection against Gerardo Botelli from Salta in the divisional up to 69 kg.
The Riojan won the fight from start to finish, managing the center of the ring, being active and intense, and making good and effective combinations of blows with both fists, which allowed him to round off a good performance.
The remaining victory was in the hands of Mauricio Banegas, who in the second fight of the night, defeated Fernando Mérida from Salta in the category up to 69 kg.
The only defeat was suffered by Josué Maldonado, who lost on points against Felipe Adauto from Catamarca (category up to 60 kg).
The visitor took a well-deserved victory, because he always tried to be the protagonist, showed good technique and did not allow the player from La Rioja to impose the conditions of the fight.

calivar champion
In another of the duels of the night, the fight for the vacant provincial title of the category up to 60 kg was held, where Rolando Calivar from Chile won the belt with total deservedness, after beating Francisco from the capital from start to finish. Moon.
In the first laps, the Chilean went to the front and showed a great repertoire, combining the right in the soft zone and also attacking from the outside in Luna’s face. And in the final round, when the man from the capital came looking for him, he also showed intelligence to wait and hurt against, thus rounding off a solid victory.
On the other hand, in the fight that opened the evening, it was a tie between the debutant Diego Chamu and Martín Ávila, for the divisional up to 69 kilograms.

Summary of the evening
Category up to 69 kg: tie between Diego Chamu and Martín Ávila.
Category up to 69 kg: Mauricio Banegas won by points against Fernando Mérida (Salta).
Category up to 60 kg: Felipe Adauto (Catamarca) beat Josué Maldonado by points.
Category up to 60 kg-provincial title: Rolando Calivar (Chilecito) beat Francisco Luna by points.
Category up to 69 kg: Leonel Pacheco beat Gerardo Botelli (Salta) by points.
Category up to 75 kg: Cristian Quinteros beat Joaquín Gutiérrez (Salta) by points.
Category up to 69 kg: tie between Baltazar Fuentes and Nicolás Rocabado (Salta).

The “pitbull” Villarruel will fight in Colombia
Professional boxer Raúl “el pitbull” Villarruel (38 years old, with a record of 4-2-0) will make his first fight outside the country.
At the festival to be held on August 13, at the Pascual Guerrero Stadium in the city of Cali, he will face Colombian Cristian Salcedo (30 years old), who will make his professional debut.
The fight will be in the Heavyweight category and is scheduled for four rounds of 3×1.