Romina Arroyo showed her joy after appearing in a boxing book

SALTA.- The Undersecretary of Sports of the province of Salta, Romina Arroyoshowed all his joy after appearing in a boxing book. It's about t

SALTA.- The Undersecretary of Sports of the province of Salta, Romina Arroyoshowed all his joy after appearing in a boxing book. It’s about the materialAbran Paso – 20 years of women’s boxing in Argentina” by Yésica Palmetta and Irene Deserti. “I can’t believe I’m in this book,” the official highlighted on her official Instagram account.

“Of jump for the world. Wake me up, it’s a dream come true. Thank you life, God. Thank you, great writers and professionals. My admiration and respect to you who also marked history in Argentine literature”, he expressed. Romina Arroyo. The book presents stories of women who became great protagonists of the sport.

It must be remembered that the official She left a great mark by becoming the first international boxing referee in Argentina. In detail, she managed world titles for the World Boxing Organization (WBO) and the World Boxing Association (WBA). She performed in Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Japan, Monaco, Venezuela, and Indonesia, among other countries.

In 2011 she became the first woman to direct at the emblematic Argentine stadium Luna Park where Yesica Bopp (Argentina) and Yesenia Martínez (Mexico) faced each other. Throughout her career she received several awards and was shortlisted as an international referee for the Firpo Awards. She also directed the fight between heavyweight boxers Fabio “La Mole” Moli and Ezequiel Zárate.

The “Abran Paso” booklet brings together stories of women who broke the mold and transcended in a sport in which they historically had many prejudices. “From a magical, poetic and exciting perspective, the writers feel the traces of unrepeatable boxing stories, where the female presence changes the rules of a masculinized virile sport,” she detailed.

Romina Arroyo and her motivational message

Days ago, Romina Arroyo He insisted on social networks on the importance of believing in oneself and constantly improving oneself. “Magic is you. The magic appears when we begin to animate ourselves. I try to learn from my frustrations and my disappointments, because we all have them, but we have a hard time accepting them, ”she stressed.

“Sometimes I try to laugh at myself. You have to be patient with one. We must become the guardians of our life. Take advantage of every moment to value ourselves. The issue is not whether they value us outside, at work, in the family, but in us. Stop thinking about how others see you and feel yourself. Inner peace is worked on over time and is a constant task of learning”, she concluded.