Roy Jafet Casanova: from Ponce to the NBA G-League | sports

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Puerto Rico will be represented in the .

The young Ponce coach reached an agreement to work as an associate coach for the Iowa Wolves – a subsidiary of the Minnesota Timberwolves – in the renowned NBA Development League.

Part of Casanova’s role includes assisting the Wolves coaching staff.

Meanwhile, two other Puerto Ricans will serve as leaders in the upcoming NBA G-League campaign: former Canastero Nathan Peavy (Stars of Salt Lake City) and Jay Hernández (Swarm of Greensboro).

“This is a very great opportunity. With each great opportunity falls a great responsibility to represent and give the best. (I had) a lot of persistence and patience. I was well determined with the goal of reaching the NBA and professional level, ”Casanova enthusiastically commented to THE SPOKESMAN.

The 23-year-old strategist will have his first professional experience in American basketball, after working with the University of Miami and the University of Arizona in the NCAA.

Casanova will join the team led by Jeff Newton on Wednesday.

He first served as a manager in the coaching staff of the University of Miami, in charge of all the details of the dressing room, the field and the needs of the players, until he began to work on the reports – known as ‘scoutings’ – of the rival teams.

Later, he made the leap to the University of Arizona where he served as the team’s graduate assistant while pursuing his master’s degree. His duties included developing and improving skills in the players.

“Now that this opportunity has arisen, I cannot lower my guard because the strongest task is coming. My goal was to reach professional basketball in the United States, now the goal is to stay, “he acknowledged.

Casanova understands that this new achievement in his young career comes at the right time. “I am one of those who thinks that everything happens when it has to. I was preparing to get to the professional level of basketball in the United States sooner or later, ”said the Ponce coach.

The training camp will be held from October 25 to November 4. The season kicks off on December 27 with a 36-game schedule as part of the regular season.