Ryan Garcia. Who is the boxer who was part of the Canelo Team

Erika Montoya Mexico City / 11.07.2022 14:07:00 The champion Saúl Canelo Álvarez and the prospect Ryan Garc

Erika Montoya

Mexico City / 11.07.2022 14:07:00

The champion Saúl Canelo Álvarez and the prospect Ryan García are definitely not friends and they have been in charge of proving it, despite the fact that they came to share the gym for almost three years.

Ryan is one of California’s strongest prospects – of Mexican descent but born and raised in the United States – and decided to join Canelo’s team from 2018 to February 2022. Led by Eddy Reynoso, Cinnamon and Ryan got to have a good friendship until the Mexican monarch criticized his lack of commitment in the gym for being more attentive to his social networks.

Why did Ryan Garcia’s relationship with the Canelo Team end?

The comment was a breaking point in the relationship and it was never the same, three months later Ryan revealed what he would return to his old trainer Dan Goossen.

Although they assured that they were still friends, Ryan García’s statements about the Mexican fighter hinted at resentment and was on the rise, especially after the defeat of the Guadalajaran against Russian champion Dmitry Bivol.

Mayweather defends Canelo

The statements against his former gym partner were on the rise, to the extent that even Floyd Mayweather came out in defense of Canelo.

Money Mayweather told Ryan Garcia: “We see Ryan Garcia. First he praises Canelo, he wants to learn from Canelo and he’s in his training camp. Now, it’s pure hate. First that he achieves what Canelo has achieved and then you can speak ill of him”, declared the multi-champion to FightHype.

Ryan Garcia is scheduled to return this weekend against former champion Javier Fortuna in Los Angeles.

At 22 years of age, Ryan García (who has a record of 22-0, with 18 KOs) has to press the accelerator, as the criticism begins to take its toll, since in the last three years he has only appeared three times already. Although he has played World Cup qualifiers, he has not been able to fulfill the dream of going for his first world championship fight.

Ryan made his professional debut in 2016 and hopes that 2022 will be the year he can face a champion, although he announced that he would prefer to face someone like Gervonta Davis.