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Sabatina sad for football according to Sevilla

We were facing the first big of the course and in it football according to took on a special role. Both against the two greats and the logical illusion was not rewarded, since both fell although both defeats are very nuanced. For example, Betis crashed with an arbitration made in Bernabeu that conditioned the setback, while Sevilla gave what they could, but what they have now is insufficient.

This very special Saturday started with the clash between the two co-leaders and the truth is that it went as expected and without too much blood for Betis. It had a very negative start, since Rui Silva’s mistake making things easier for Vinicius to open the scoring led to Fekir’s injury and abandonment. And it is that the substitution of him by Luiz Henrique would be essential for Betis to break its streak of five decades without falling away against Madrid.

Canales rounded off his great game with the equalizing goal, but games at the Bernabéu are very long and the thing ended in defeat, not very painful, but defeat after all with special incidence of arbitration. Shortly after, Barça jumped to the Nervión grass and Ter Stegen prevented Sevilla from getting ahead with a prodigious hand against Rakitic. But in the 20th minute the fight was uneven with a goal by Raphinha so that Barça took control of the match until the end.

And Lewandowski’s shadow was going to flutter all night through Sevilla’s weak defensive nest. He scored the second goal on Koundé’s first assist and what followed was the clear demonstration that Sevilla have in their DNA not to give up, but with the feeling that genetics is not enough at the moment. It was a very easy victory for Barça, although Sevilla fought until the final minute. The team gave it their all, but one point out of twelve gives a lot to think about.

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