San Fernando CD calendar for the 2022/23 season

On Friday, July 22, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) held the draw for the calendar of the First RFEF for the 2022/23 season, that brought ab

On Friday, July 22, the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) held the draw for the of the First RFEF for the 2022/23 , that brought about the confrontation on the first day of the League between San Fernando and Ceuta, Linares and Mérida, Córdoba with Unionistas de Salamanca, Real Madrid Castilla and Balompédica Linense, and Fuenlabrada with Algeciras. The celebration of the inaugural chapter is scheduled for the last weekend of August (27 and 28).

The calendar, asymmetric, was determined by lottery with the participation of the players Jean-Sylvain Claude Babin (Alcorcón) and José Alonso (Córdoba), Intercity sports director, promoted this yearJorge López, the vice president of Unionistas, Roberto Pescador, and the Madrid referee Pedro Eugenio Muñoz Piedra, with the combination 11,479 of the 100,000 possible for both groups.

The competition will last until May 28 and then the promotion qualifiers will be played in June and will be played with the ball called ‘Amberes’ presented this Friday by the RFEF during the draw ceremony.

The San Fernando CD already knows the roadmap that it will travel during a campaign that it will face with a template that is being extensively renewed. The azulino team will open the course at the Ibero-American in front of their audience and against a rival like Ceuta, who has just been promoted to the First RFEF.

The calendar of the San Fernando

Day 1: San Fernando – Ceuta

Day 2: Badajoz – San Fernando

Day 3: San Fernando – Racing de Ferrol

Day 4: Alcorcón – San Fernando

Day 5: San Fernando – San Sebastian de los Reyes

Matchday 6: Deportivo – San Fernando

Day 7: San Fernando – Balona

Day 8: Unionists Salamanca – San Fernando

Day 9: San Fernando – Merida

Day 10: Pontevedra – San Fernando

Day 11: San Fernando – Fuenlabrada

Day 12: R. Madrid Castilla – San Fernando

Day 13: San Fernando – Celta B

Day 14: San Fernando – Linares Dpvo.

Day 15: C. Leonesa- San Fernando

Day 16: San Fernando – Algeciras

Day 17: International DuX – San Fernando

Day 18: San Fernando – Cordoba

Day 19: Lightning Majadahonda – San Fernando

Day 20: Merida – San Fernando

Matchday 21: San Fernando – Deportivo

Day 22: San Sebastian de los Reyes – San Fernando

Day 23: San Fernando – Badajoz

Day 24: Balona – San Fernando

Day 25: San Fernando – R. Madrid Castilla

Day 26: Celta B – San Fernando

Day 27: San Fernando – Unionists Salamanca

Day 28: Ceuta – San Fernando

Day 29: San Fernando – Doge International

Day 30: Racing de Ferrol – San Fernando

Day 31: San Fernando – C. Leonesa

Day 32: Algeciras – San Fernando

Day 33: San Fernando – Pontebvedra

Day 34: Fuenlabrada – San Fernando

Matchday 35: San Fernando – Rayo Majadahonda

Day 36: Cordoba – San Fernando

Day 37: San Fernando – Alcorcón

Day 38: Linares Dpvo.- San Fernando