Santa Fe vibrates with the Perfect Hunting boxing festival

This Saturday, a new international boxing production by OR Promotions will take place at the Héctor Gallucci Municipal Sports Center in the city

This Saturday, a new international boxing production by OR Promotions will take place at the Héctor Gallucci Municipal Sports Center in the city of San Lorenzo, province of Santa Fe.

The evening, called “Perfect Hunting”, will be televised from 11pm (live) for the entire Argentine territory and much of Latin America on the TyCSports screen, and via streaming from 8:45 pm on TyCSportsPlay.com, through of the cycle “First Boxing”.

In the fight that leads the festival, the silver Latin title of the welterweight division will be at stake, which will be disputed by the national and Buenos Aires ranked Marcelo “Rateka” Sánchez (6-2-3, 1 KO), and the former Latin champion, the Mendoza Nahuel “El Perfecto” Galesi (13-7-1, 8 KO). It is scheduled at a distance of ten rounds of 3×1. The event will be attended by the public.

In a fight with an uncertain prognosis, it will be a hinge duel for the careers of both fighters. Sánchez, 28 years old and brand new # 8 in the Argentine super welterweight ranking, will make his debut as a long distance runner due to the loss at the last minute of Franco Ocampo, who suffered a decompensation on Wednesday (he is already well) and will not be able to be from the game.

For this reason, the credit of Hurlingham’s match, always ready to fight given his excellent physical and mental condition to face any challenge, will seek to maintain his good winning streak and add the fourth in a row. It should be noted that his professional debut took shape in June 2018, falling by points with Nicolás Jara, to later obtain (in 2019) three victories and three unfair draws, always as a visitor (Lucas Rubiola, Tomás de Mora and Nazareno Tobio), where he knew be superior in the processing of each lawsuit.

In 2020 the hard defeat came before the limit with Gerardo Vergara, but beyond that, the star novelist (who alternates his boxing career with that of frontman of the Trap group, Ratekas 13) rearranged his career and this year he beat Facundo Rojas , Gabriel Pérez and Santiago Sánchez.

For his part, Galesi, from the city of Las Heras and 29 years old, will try to return to the path of victory after a failed incursion in France and Russia, although leaving a very good impression despite falling on points with the French José Gómez and the Ukrainian EduardSkavynskyi.

“El Perfecto”, a pupil of Pablo Chacón and who was once the WBC Latin superlightweight champion in 2016, has considerable experience in his little more than eight years as a rental. Along the way, he rivaled prominent fighters such as Ramón Sena, Brian Zarza, José Villalobos, Diego Ramírez, Diego Aguilera, Sergio Gil and Jonathan Sánchez.

Owner of a great technique, going out with his arm raised will once again have him in national consideration, where his talent and training in the classic Mendoza school will try to exceed the expectations of his rival.

In the semi-fund match, agreed to six rounds in super featherweight, the undefeated host, Alexis “El Guerrero” Camejo (28 years / 5-0-1, 1 KO), will face the complicated left-hander from Salta capital, Daniel “El Left-handed “Sosa (33 years old / 5-5-0, 1 KO).

In the main complement, between Buenos Aires and light, the undefeated San Miguel and former youth national team, Alan “El Veneno” Cháves (20 years / 3-0-0, 3 KO), will face the harsh credit of Grand Bourg, Rodrigo “Rocky” Roldán (20 years old / 2-4-0).

After four turns in mini fly and after three years, the chaqueña based in CABA, former Argentine, South American, international FIB champion and former FIB world challenger, Andrea “La Cobrita” Sánchez (31 years old / 8-2-1, 2 KO), who will cross gloves with the tough Brandsen from Buenos Aires, María Sol Baumstarh (23 years old / 2-6-1, 1 KO).

At six rounds in welterweight, they will fight the Rosario Gabriel “Poter” Pérez (28 years / 7-3-0, 2 KO) and the Buenos Aires of Paraje Pavón, Martín Ariel Ruiz (31 years / 11-7-2, 1 KO) .

Also six, but in super featherweight, the Buenos Aires based in Rosario, Blas Caro (27 years / 6-2-0, 3 KO), will be in the game with the Jujuy from the capital, Maximiliano “Coco” Daza (25 years / 1-5-0).

Four turns in the fly, the former national and Santa Fe selection of Ciudad Gálvez, Tobías “El Pitbull” Reyes (23 years old / 1-0-0, 1 KO), will have in front of Escobar’s from Buenos Aires, Maximiliano Isnarde (29 years / 0- 4-0).

Opening the day, four in lightweight, there will be a duel of debutants from Rosario between Mateo Soto (24 years old) and Ulises Esquivo (23 years old).