Santiago’s elite boxing team chosen

Santiago, Dominican Republic (10-23-2021) .- The Santiago Boxing Association, chaired by Ariel Acosta, successful

Santiago, Dominican Republic (10-23-2021) .- The Santiago Boxing Association, chaired by Ariel Acosta, successfully chose the team that will represent this province in the elite national championship, which has 12 boxers in different weights It will be directed by the teacher, Miguel -Guelo- Pérez.

“We are pleased to announce that, after hard work by the coaches of the clubs affiliated to this association, led by maestro Guelo Pérez, with a poster presented last Friday, we have concluded the selection of 12 boxers, which make up our selection. elite, ”said Mr. Acosta.

Speaking yesterday during the presentation of the boxers at his training center, the boxing school of the Rubén Espino club, from Los Salados, Santiago, Mr. Acosta also officially announced that maestro Pérez is the official coach of the team, while the teacher, Rafael Carela, is the assistant.

With seven athletes chosen, to select the other five, a card was held last Friday in the ring of the Don Pedro Cruz gym, at the Cibao stadium, in which the winners were classified.

In the 51 kilograms (kg), Anthony Castro, won, by RSC, Ángel Rodríguez; in 54 kg, Endry Carela, beat Héctor Rojas by no-show; at 63.5 kg, Franklin Fondeur, defeated, 3-0, Jefry Hernández; In 67 kg, Claudio Espinal, was victorious against, Erifonso Núñez and Delvys Vargas, triumphed, 3-0, over, Junior Aybar.

The selected ones presented are, in 48 kg, Luís Roberto Núñez Crisóstomo; at 51 kg, Anthony Castro; at 54 kg, Endris de Jesús Espinal Carela; at 57 kg, Bryan Rodríguez González; at 63.5 kg, Franklin Aníbal Fondeur Pérez and at 67 kg, Claudio de Jesús Espinal Lamar.

At 71 kg, Deivy Gustavo Vargas; at 75 kg, Ismael Alexander Santos Cabral; at 86 kg, Starling Guzmán Aquino; in 92 kg, Jurlicer Céspedes García and more than 90 kg, Remy Eligio Perdomo Hilario.

Eight of those selected are from the Rubén Espino Club; two from the Don Pedro Cruz Club and the same amount from the Ideal Club.

While the event that the Dominican Boxing Federation is preparing, chaired by Mr. Rubén García, the Santiago boxers, the next day after the card, this Saturday, began their training together with great enthusiasm.

“We are satisfied with the conformation of our boxers, much more for the enthusiasm shown by them, their presence is of successful athletes and both the team leader, Pérez and his assistant, Carela, are happy for the top they have achieved in their conditions, everyone knows the problems that have just happened with the covid-19 epidemic, we had very little activity, but we have already returned and with strength, ”Mr. Acosta concluded.