Scorpion Berchelt tells that his mother sent him around the…

Miguel "Scorpion" Berchelt He says that he felt like a dream when he was proclaimed world champion, but not even that condition saved him when, r

Miguel “Scorpion” Berchelt He says that he felt like a dream when he was proclaimed world champion, but not even that condition saved him when, recently crowned, he had to go for the tortillas.

On January 28, 2017 the Scorpion Berchelt dethroned Francisco “Bandido” Vargas and snatched the super featherweight title from him WBC in Indio, Calif.

He felt so dreamy that, when he fell asleep that day, he put the green and gold belt next to his bed to wake up, see it there and know that it was not a dream.

“I was amazed, I couldn’t believe it, I was already a world champion,” he said in a talk on the Un Round Más channel. “When I put the belt next to my bed, I wanted to wake up and see that it wasn’t a dream, that it I achieved”.

The next day he was already at home, in Hermosillo, Sonora, where he was congratulated by his mother through a video call, and then he went to visit her.

Already at his mother’s house, the Scorpion He was about to eat with her, but they realized something: the tortillas were missing.

The Scorpion I couldn’t imagine how he, a world champion, could go. But his mom brought him back to reality.

“We were eating and I said: ‘the tortillas are missing,'” he said. Berchelt. “Mom, I’m world champion, do you want me to go get the tortillas?”

Laughing, the man from Cancun remembered when his mother’s answer was, which also caused the laughter of the Terrible Morales.

‘And who’s going to go bastard?’” was his mother’s response. “’And who is going to go?’ You know what she told me: ‘out there you are the world champion, here you are my son. Hey bastard, for the tortillas, there’s the money’”.

Scorpion Berchelt tells how his mother received him after being world champion

The Scorpion he had no choice. He took the money and, with a smile from ear to ear, left for the tortilla shop.

“He gave me the money and I go for the tortillas,” he recalled. “I was walking, greeting the one with the bread, greeting the one with the little store and the one with the tortillas says to me: ‘What’s up, champ, how are you? Did they send you to the tortillas? You saw, not even I am safe”.

Thus, the boxer who was crowned super featherweight champion, a title he defended six times, was one of the best at 130 pounds, but down in the ring was the son, the human being, the Miguel Angel He was following his mom’s orders.

“My mother always tells me: ‘you are a good boxer, you are a champion but when you get out of the ring, you automatically become Miguel Angel, you’re my kid and I’m in charge here’”, he concluded. “Those are the punches that land you well, that make you have lead feet.”