Second non-contact boxing tournament

June 2, 2022 – 01:00
50 boys of both sexes participated in the meeting.

The second tournament of “Children’s without contact” took place in the facilities of the Municipal Delegation of Reyes, in which around 50 children and young people from the categories of 6 to 13 years -divided by every two years- were able to demonstrate the skills learned in training at their respective boxing schools.

The secretary of Human Development of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy, Rodrigo Altea, said: “We have to accompany these institutions that are promoting sports in children and adolescents through boxing, together with this great sports reference with a perspective of gender, such as Brenda La Pumita Carabajal, accompanying and making preventive medicine services available to the different clubs, such as electrocardiograms, oral health and nutrition, among other things, for the boys, so that they have an adequate follow-up so that they can develop the sport and generate these healthy habits”.

In this sense, the director of Preventive Medicine, Luis Velázquez, explained that “we have the presence of two nurses and a doctor ready to act in the event of any eventuality; during the week we have collaborated with the medical examination of the children who participate in this date” .

Participating in the competition was the Boxing Club of Brenda “La Pumita” Carabajal, who expressed that “for us it is the first time in this Children’s Boxing Tournament without contact; very happy that this type of event is held because it helps a lot to boxing continues to grow.

The meeting organized by the “El Potro” Guzmán Boxing School and the Reyes Youth Gymnasium, was accompanied by the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy, through the Human Development Secretariat and the Municipal Delegation of Reyes, dependent on the Municipal Government Secretariat, with the participation of various boxing academies in the area, and with the supervision of the Jujuy Boxing Association.

The non-contact boxing modality consists of the exhibition of boxing skills without a pugilistic fight that are evaluated by a jury.

It is a discipline that is growing day by day in the province and that bets to settle definitively.