Sergi Enrich: “I wanted to quit football”

Sergi Enrich, player of the Ponferradina Sports Society, has been on the microphones of 'Marker' to talk about his professional and personal career

Sergi Enrich, player of the Sports Society, has been on the microphones of ‘Marker’ to talk about his professional and personal career in the world of football, to analyze the teams in which he has been, as well as to talk about his current situation in the Ponferradina“.

Arrival at the Mallorca quarry: “Mallorca, Real Madrid and Barça were interested in me in a tournament in Menorca. But I did not hesitate, I wanted to go with Mallorca and that’s how it was, I have never regretted that decision.”

Loaned to Recreativo de Huelva: “Leaving the club of your dreams was difficult, but I understood it. When you are young you have to have minutes and I found it there, I had a very good season that year and it was very nice.”

Season in Alcorcón: “Although it was not a very good year in terms of statistics, I learned a lot. Bordalás, who was the coach, helped me a lot. That year we were about to go up to the First Division and I gained a lot of experience.”

About Numancia and : “I have always liked humble clubs, that they are a family, that there is no crack and that we are all going in the same direction. All the teams I have been in are very similar and that is where I really feel comfortable. In Soria I had two very good years and thanks to that I had the opportunity to play in the First Division and spend so many years in the elite with SD Eibar “.

Sergi Enrich, during his time at SD Eibar.

Last stage at SD Eibar: “The last year and a half has been difficult for me. The people who have been with me know it, many things have happened that I did not like and sometimes I was a little disrespectful. But you have to stay with the good, they were wonderful years at Eibar, although that last year and a half was very difficult for me. ”

Personal situation in recent years: “I’m a strong player upside down, nobody has given me anything. People who value me know me. What hurts me is that those people who know me have doubted and have not fought for me until the end.”

Personal situation in the last transfer market: “Three or four months ago I wanted to leave football. It was not good, I did not have the illusion of playing again and I left Eibar very hurt. It was a very strange market, very difficult, I did not find that illusion and then things came out again as a result of Schalke’s refusal to sign me. I had a bad time. I didn’t cry, but I was very disappointed in everything and I didn’t feel like playing again. When things are going well, football is very nice, but when things go They twist is when football shows you that what is real is day-to-day, and in this sport there are no friends. “

Sergi Enrich, and his failed signing for Schalke 04

Sergi Enrich, and his failed signing for Schalke 04

On the experience with Schalke 04: “I am very sincere, I speak openly, and there was a very complicated market. There were teams that were interested in me, and because of the subject that you already know they did not go to more to sign me, and I understand them perfectly. But, with Schalke It was not the case. They knew that issue perfectly and I was talking about it with the sports director. But in the end, the signing was backed out due to financial reasons and then all that came out. Many lies were told, and that’s what hurt me “.

New stage in SD Ponferradina: “From the first moment I got here I knew I was right. I signed without knowing the contract amounts and when I got here, the first week I knew I hadn’t made a mistake. I’m very happy, I knew I would be fine. There is a dressing room. amazing and I only have words of thanks. “

On if there is anything to regret: “Everyone is wrong and whoever says no, lies. In the end, we did not do what we did to hurt, it was not to hurt, but in the end we did it, and I do regret that. pain without wanting to, and I do regret that. “