Sestao opens the Las Camporras disc golf course

Half of Las Camporras and Rivas disc golf course it is already a reality. Specifically, the nine holes located in the Southeast region are now av

Half of Las and Rivas course it is already a reality. Specifically, the nine holes located in the Southeast region are now available to play this sport that is booming and which consists of throwing a frisbee and hitting it in a metal basket located dozens of meters from the starting point of the hole. In this regard, the City Council of has invested 19,000 euros to promote this project that the municipality shares with Portugalete. “In the first place, we find it interesting to promote outdoor sports practice so that the citizens of Sestao remain active. Secondly, we want to promote Las Camporras park as a leisure and sports area and for this reason a calisthenics circuit, now we are launching the disc golf course and for this year 2022 we plan to install a multisport track and fix the skateboard tracks. And finally, thirdly, we like it to be a sports space suitable for all audiences, so that it can be used by families, groups of friends and professional players“said Ainhoa ​​Basabe, mayor of Sestao.

The facilities at the Las Camporras and Rivas disc golf courses stand out for being the first public facilities of this type in the Basque . CThere are 18 holes of which nine are located in the Southeast region, while the other nine are in Portugalete. This field aspires to become a benchmark for this sporting practice and, as confirmed by Jesús Amenedo, Sports Councilor of the Sestaoarra Consistory, there are already conversations between the Sestao and Portugalete city councils, the federation and the Disc Golf club so that this equipment hosts official competitions. But its use will go further, since it will serve to promote and publicize disc golf among young people, since it is expected that there will be visits from educational centers to this field where they will receive notions of disc golf.

It is now possible to play, although there are some details to be polished, in the nine holes located in Sestao and it is expected that, in a few weeks, the same can be done in the Portuguese part of this course, which is 4.8 kilometers long. Currently, the creation works of this part of the facilities are being carried out with the purpose of making the Las Camporras and Rivas field available in full in a short time. It should be noted that these facilities alternate technical holes with other simpler ones, which will allow the creation of two different routes depending on the degree of difficulty.