seven races, two points and an F1 World Cup at stake

Published: Tuesday, September 28, 2021 10

Already immersed in the last third of the Formula 1 season, after 15 races the distance between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen is only two points. The seven-time champion, with 246.5 points, leads the World Cup with a slight advantage over the Dutch (244.5).

Silverstone, Monza … the battle between the two drivers is being passionate, something that has been lacking in the ‘Great Circus’ for years. In addition, from the wall, the war between Red Bull and Christian Horner and Mercedes and Toto Wolff has its reissue every weekend, playing a tactical game that has already paid off in different races.

With a total of 22 appointments on the calendar, there are still seven Grand Prix to be held, with the penultimate one yet to be defined.

After Sochi, Formula 1 travels to Turkey to race at Instanbul Park (October 10). The Circuit of the Americas will be the next destination to host the United States GP (October 24). Also on the other side of the pond, the Mexican GP (November 7) will return to the Hermanos Rodríguez racetrack.

Already in the final stretch of the season, Interlagos will witness the third and final sprint race at the Brazilian GP (November 14). Heading into the weekend of November 19-21, F1 has yet to determine (Qatar sounds) where it will race following the cancellations of the Australian and Japanese GPs.

The last two dates of the season will take the automobile circus to the Persian Gulf. The Saudi Arabian GP (December 5) will be raced at the Jeddah track, while the Abu Dhabi GP in Yas Marina will close the season on December 12.

Seven races, 175 points at stake, only 2 between them … a heart attack final in the World Cup between Verstappen and Hamilton is coming. Max seeks his first crown to break the hegemony of the British in the last five years; Lewis, for his part, wants his eighth title to position himself as the most successful rider in history.