Shocking knockout of an Argentine who is worth reaching the UFC: “I go into assassin mode”

Wednesday 17.8.2022-Last update - 15:21A new Argentine promise enters the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Esteban Ribovics shon

Wednesday 17.8.2022

Last update – 15:21

A new Argentine promise enters the world of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Esteban Ribovics shone on the night of the reality show “Dana White’s Contender Series” with a brutal knockout of Englishman Thomas Paull and earned the opportunity to fight on the highest circuit of mixed martial arts (MMA) on the planet.

The program in which the 26-year-old Argentine participated is a promotion regulated by the American Dana White, president of the UFC, who organizes fights on a weekly basis to find new talents and take them to the main MMA company. One of the slogans is that none of the participating fighters have another contract in their possession.

In the duel against the British, Ribovics knocked down his rival with a tremendous right hand when barely 90 seconds had elapsed in the first round. Once Paull fell to the canvas, “Gringo” pounced on him and applied a series of blows to his face. Seeing that the Englishman did not offer any resistance, the judge decided to end the fight.

In this way, the native of Salta will land in the UFC with an impotent undefeated 11-0. “I still can’t believe it, but from another side yes because we train hard for this. Hard work has its reflexes. More than happy. I still can’t believe it. I’m here to stay. I went out to snatch it, I wanted to win the contract. I’m with you Honestly, I don’t remember any of my fights, when the bell rings I go into ‘assassin mode’ and I can’t remember,” Esteban said after the fight.

“It’s my dream, I’ve been breaking my back for a long time for this. What happiness, one more Argentine. I dedicate this victory to my mother who is the one who always helped me, thanks to her I am here. I am 26 years old and to this day Today she supported me, so to speak. Ma, I promise you that I will return every drop of sweat you shed for me, “added the Argentine before the microphones of” Dana White’s Contender Series “.

This is not the first time that Esteban Ribovics has knocked down his rivals quickly. In early 2022 he faced Franco Aranda at Samurai Fight House and dropped him in just 27 seconds. Also, in December 2020 he took just 7 seconds to knock down José Arauz in the Fusion Fighting Championship.