shoot a James Bond movie as a special agent!

Published: Wednesday, 07 September, 2022

shoot a James Bond movie as a special agent!

From ‘The Plan’ to ‘The Mission’. That is the movement in social networks after Fernando Alonso changed Alpine for Aston Martin. He will do it next winter on a multi-year deal. And the Spaniard has surprised everyone with the request that he would like to make to his new team.

“What would be nice is to be in a James Bond movie now that I’m at Aston Martin. I have to talk about it with the team. As a special agent with an Aston Martin. There on the streets shooting a scene would make me excited,” Alonso said. in a direct on Instagram.

Alonso would like to be an actor and appear in one of the James Bond movies. Something that has caused madness in social networks. Can you imagine the two-time champion as a secret agent in an Aston Martin?

record after record

Record after record. There are ten consecutive races that he accumulates scoring points and in the Italian Grand Prix he aspires to equal a record set by Kimi Raikkonen: 350 starts in Formula 1.

The Spanish, yes, prefer not to talk about it and focus on the present and the immediate future. This season at Alpine and the following with Aston Martin, in what may be his last adventure in the Great Circus at 41 years old.

Now it’s Monza: “It’s one of the most historic circuits in Formula 1. We went from the Dutch atmosphere in Zandvoort to the passion of the Tifosi in Monza, so it’s something quite special. I’m always well received by the Italian fans because of the time I spent at Ferrari”.

Kimi’s record will be present, but the Spaniard prefers to look the other way: “It’s a good achievement and obviously it’s incredible to tie Kimi as the driver with the most starts in Formula 1 races. But honestly, I try not to think too much in the records to keep my focus on racing.

“For sure it is a great achievement and maybe, in the future, I will look back and be happy. But while I am racing, I don’t stop to think about it. I prefer to enjoy and maximize every race weekend,” he says.

Alpine positive for Monza

Otmar Szafnauer, boss of Alpine, assures that the characteristics of the circuit are favorable to A522: “The set-up of the car and the level of downforce is relatively similar to that of Spa, where we did quite well, so we aim for a level of performance similar to there”.

“On paper, this track suits our car. We were very strong at Spa and there are definitely similarities to Monza. The long straights will dominate the car set-up, but we’ll also have to balance that with all the corners, curbs and changes. direction,” he says.