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From six months to a year will be the rehabilitation process of the former boxer Miguel Angel Gonzalez, who arrived with an addiction problem for

From six months to a year will be the rehabilitation process of the former boxer Miguel Angel Gonzalez, who arrived with an addiction problem for many years, but after a week they see him stable, he said Aaron Silva, CEO of the Hacienda Nueva Vida.

“He told his daughter that (rehabilitation) is from six months to a year, because she comes with a problem of alcoholism for many years,” he said. Aaron Silva to various media in the Coffee Tuesday of the CMB. “It is difficult and it is a lie that they are going to rehabilitate in a month like in the clinics that leave them 28 days. His state of health to date is stable, the doctor assessed it, he is already exercising ”.

Aware that the process of rehabilitation of Miguel Angel GonzalezHe knows that it will be difficult because at the beginning the pleasure he felt with alcohol or drugs is taken away. Although more difficult things could come, they have the right staff to help the former world champion.

“It is not easy for people with addiction and with these problems when the withdrawal syndrome comes,” he explained. Silva. “Negative thoughts come, wanting to go, wanting to hurt, for that we have doctors who are aware of this rehabilitation.”

Part of the rehabilitation process that you will have Miguel Angel It is through doctors, psychologists, therapists; They practice soccer, fronton and boxing. There is a gym with 70 machines where many hit the sack with great frustration and even crying to get out of addictions. Detoxification is through a sauna and tematic bath.

Miguel Ángel González is optimistic about his rehabilitation

What they expect with Miguel Angel is that the process that just started is a success. the same Wizard he wants to rehab and is grateful for the support.

“It is an advantage for his rehabilitation because he wants to,” he said. Aaron Silva. “He wants to be well, there has been no problem of aggression or that he says ‘I don’t want to be, get me out of here’, that helps us. Yesterday I was with him and he thanked us ”.

The champion was left out; inside, Michelangelo is one more

What he made clear Silva is that in the rehabilitation clinic Miguel Angel he is one more and not treating him as they did in the street, as the world monarch that he was.

“The champion was left out” he said bluntly Silva. “He is one more and if not, we will not help him; sleeps with six, trains to eat. Not because he is the champion, we are going to give him that attention, but we do not help him, the attention is the same for everyone ”.

Mauricio Sulaiman, president of the World Boxing Council (WBC), he was satisfied with the samples of support he has received Miguel Angel and also because of the attention they give him, aware that the process is just beginning.

“We just go in the first round, it is not 12, it is many more,” he said. Mauricio Sulaiman. “Miguel He is a noble person, he is going to start a new life, many have expressed their full support ”.