Soccer already has a gender

Spanish sport has not been lavish in its contribution to the common language. He has lived, preferably, from the neologism beginning with t

Spanish sport has not been lavish in its contribution to the common language. He has lived, preferably, from the neologism beginning with the formation of the word football. This sport, which currently coexists in the Congress of Deputies with some phases made as attack policy and defense policy, also enjoys the contribution of leader, and leadership. Until now, while politics had not taken hold of football, we had been content with “the morality of Alcoyano” and having a child from a penalty. Unthinkingly, thanks to the stellar appearance of women, we have given football a gender. So we talk about men’s and women’s football. It is difficult for us to say the women’s soccer team and we justify ourselves by saying the women’s soccer team.

Fortunately, girls can practice this discipline, something that was prohibited in the days of the Women’s Section and the advice of Dr. Vallejo Nájera, who was very obsessed with sports that caused masculinity. The girls had spent years trying to gain a foothold in society and they have almost done it in one fell swoop. The game played by our girls has burst onto the scene with force and it is no surprise that they fill stadiums with thousands of spectators. They continue to be, practically, of a specialty that despite the latest advances, including the measures adopted by the Spanish Federation by means of which they are compensated in the provision of bonuses in amounts that are close to those of the masculine, there has still been resistance to reach the conclusion that it is also possible to consider them professionals.

The participation of the women’s team (they say women’s soccer) has called thousands of viewers to the sofas because their matches are much more interesting than some category team matches in which millions of euros are handled.

They have qualified for the quarterfinals of the European Championship and, probably, their next appearance on television will be followed by those who improve the statistics of television. It will not be easy to reach the semifinals, but for now they have already caught the attention of the male public. They play as well as the players of very famous teams. Perhaps the bad thing is that they have adopted the tiqui-taca as a magic formula. They have a lot of touch, but they lack more punch in the opposite area. They are accused of what has long been said of the men’s section: lack of goal. They are less different now.

Postscript. Barça is filling its list with names that cause enthusiasm among its followers. However, none of the new players have been signed up. The new ones will be club players when there are euros in cash to justify themselves in the financial “fair play”. For now, none of them can play.