Soccer resists (still and in part) money

In other words, Paris-Saint Germain appears in the Champions League with the most overwhelming trio of attackers in world football and… Ca

In other words, Paris-Saint Germain appears in the League with the most overwhelming trio of attackers in world football and… Can’t they pass over the Club ? The team from the beautiful Flemish city is the Belgian champion, it is true, but the difference between the budgets of the two clubs is abysmal. Suddenly, the cannon shots stop working and the order of the football universe no longer responds to the millions that a Qatari emir can put on the table, but is the result of the strange apathy of a Wijnaldum, of the spaces granted by the defense or of the ineffectiveness of a midfield that still doesn’t work as required, precisely by those formidable strikers.

The disappointment is immense because the expectations are also enormous and the melodrama of a who leaves his lifelong club shedding tears or the suspenseful story of a Mbappé coveted until the last minute by have led us, to us fans, to further reinforce the fantasy of an invincible team.

As if things were that simple, hey, as if it were all a matter of having a roster of new galactics and paying astronomical figures for the best players. Well, no, the sports universe still does not work like that and this stumble by PSG connects us with the reality of other absolutely in the , in the MLB or, back in the much more modest spaces of national football, in Liga MX.

According to data from the TransferMarkt site, the Mexican club with the highest budget is Monterrey: it is worth about 78 million euros, something like 1,830 million Mexican pesos calculated according to the exchange rate in force at the moment. It would be not only the most valuable team in Mexico but, it seems, the most sought after in Latin America. In second place are the Tigers, with 73 million euros, and this speaks to us, very surely, of the economic power of Nuevo León. Well, of the three teams that head the list, the most successful, in sporting terms, is America, with a smaller budget, and right now it is at the top in the ranking of the current Apertura tournament.

Regiomontanos have the consolation that PSG did not beat the Bruges club. Oh, and neither Manchester City, the world’s most valuable team, nor Manchester United, third after PSG, top the Premier League. The one that was in first place, until yesterday and with five games played, was Liverpool.

It’s not all money. I mean, not yet.