Soccer stadiums will be able to fill 100% of their capacity from this Friday except in Euskadi

The football stadiums will be able to be occupied one hundred percent from this Friday and the basketball pavilions will do so at 80%, common me

The football stadiums will be able to be occupied one hundred percent from this Friday and the basketball pavilions will do so at 80%, common measures for the entire country that will be applied, in principle, until October 31, although the Basque Country has announced that will maintain, for the moment, the current capacity.

The decision has been adopted by the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) with the endorsement of 16 communities and the abstention of the Basque Country, which understands that since the regional government is competent in this matter, the decree that establishes in Euskadi 60% capacity in stadiums until next week the advisory committee of the Civil Protection Plan (LABI) meets.

According to the agreement reached this Wednesday between the Ministry of Health and the autonomous communities, the measures are common and minimal for the entire country during the month of October, and in the last week an evaluation of the epidemiological situation will be carried out to see its continuity .

Despite the expansion of capacity, the Ministry of Health has insisted on the need to maintain non-pharmacological measures, so that the mask remains mandatory, as well as the prohibition of eating or drinking during matches except for the consumption of water. Nor can you consume tobacco or related products.

With the new measures and full capacity, there will no longer be a 1.5 meter safety distance in football stadiums.

Although 16 autonomies have endorsed the return to one hundred percent of the public to the football stadiums, some have been more reticent. This is the case of Galicia, which proposed in the Interterritorial that the outdoor capacity should be 80% for 15 days to go up progressively although the proposal did not attract support.

Therefore, the approach that did succeed was the one hundred percent capacity in stadiums that Andalusia transferred to the Interterritorial Council, in order to reach a consensus.

Proposal that coincided with the intention of the Valencian Community to remove the limitation of those attending mass sporting events or of Castilla-La Mancha, which had already opted to remove these restrictions given the good epidemiological evolution.

The agreement reached today emphasizes respect for health indications.

Thus, people who present symptoms compatible with covid-19, as well as those who are in isolation or in a quarantine period, will not attend the sporting event.

In addition, it establishes the recommendation to provide natural ventilation permanently indoors, and if this is not possible, forced ventilation will be used in order to obtain adequate air renewal.

According to this agreement, those attending the events will preferably be paid people, as well as the local public and the trainings will preferably be held without public and, in any case, within the limits of the established maximum capacity.

Before the sporting event, the details of access, time slots, health security measures and admission conditions will be communicated.

At present the percentages of capacity are 60 percent outdoors and 40 indoors, after the public return to major sports competitions was decided in mid-August on the occasion of the start of the Football League, although then it was done in percentages that did not exceed 40 percent of capacity in the open air and 30 percent in closed spaces.