South American Soccer Day: The best CONMEBOL players in the history of Liga MX

Today, June 9, marks the day of South American Soccer, one of the two most important regions on the world scene and together with Europe as the on

Today, June 9, marks the day of , one of the two most important regions on the world scene and together with Europe as the only ones that have delivered world champions, both at national team level and in the club tournament. In Liga MX, the reinforcements that come from the cone have given some of the best talents in the history of Aztec football.

Taking advantage of the celebration, in In Cancha MX we make a count of the best player of each of the countries belonging to the South American Football Confederation, counting both stars of the present and legends of the pastin the different stages of Mexican soccer: long and short tournaments.

These are the best players from each CONMEBOL country who have played in Mexico

Argentina – Miguel Marin – The legendary archer Cruz Azul, key in the 70s, the golden age for the La Noria team became a parameter not only among their compatriots, but among the goalkeepers of the Mexican league. During his time at the “Máquina” he won three awards for the best goalkeeper on the circuit and even a Citlalli Award for the best Mexican soccer player, being the first goalkeeper to achieve it. It should also be noted that with the light blue he won five championships, along with a Champion of Champions, which makes him one of the most successful footballers in the history of the competition.

Bolivia – Joaquin Botero – Although Bolivia has exported little to Mexico, there are soccer players like Joaquín Botero who became idols of their respective teams, in this case Pumas, with whom he arrived for the 2003 Aperturaalthough it would not be until a year later that he found his best rhythm, being key for the team’s two-time championship in 2004 and for the felines that reached the South American Cup final against Boca Juniors.

Brazil – “Cabinho” – For many the best soccer player who has played in Mexican soccer, Evanivaldo Castro played 14 years in Mexico, where he won eight scoring championships and 312 goals, which are still a record in the competition. In Mexico he wore the Pumas jerseys, with which he won his only titles in Mexico with the 1975 Copa México and the Primera División in 1976-1977, before moving on to Atlante, León (with whom he also won the scepter by breaking the nets of the year), as well as Tigres, a squad where he retired.

Chile – Carlos Reinoso – The “Maestro” is another of the figures who dispute the recognition of the best foreigner to reach Mexican courts. Six times champion between national and international tournaments with America led him to be a symbol of the team, key to consolidating the Eagles in the 1970s as one of the greats of Mexican soccer..

Colombia – Miguel Calero – The other goalkeeper on the list, perhaps more than his football skills, which were always evident, was his impact on national football. A colorful goalkeeper, remembered for wearing caps on the field, going on the attack and above all as captain of the Tuzoswhere it led them to be the first Mexican soccer team to win a title with the 2006 Copa Sudamericana.

Ecuador – Alex Aguinaga – The architect on the playing field of the dynasty of Necaxa at the beginning of the decade of the 90s, his creative vocation built, to a large extent, the three titles of the Rayoswhich gave them an international showcase both in Concacaf and in the Club World Cup where the feat of reaching the semifinals and beating Real Madrid in the match for third place is remembered.

Paraguay – Jose Saturnino Cardozo – Perhaps the deadliest striker in the history of short tournaments, his time at The Red Devils of Toluca turned the team around, since thanks to their 249 goals, the Scarlets were able to win four championships in the same number of years, along with a Champion of Champions and a Concacaf Champions Cup, as well as the recognition of the world’s top scorer in a first division according to the International Federation of Soccer History and Statistics in 2003.

Cardozo is, along with Vicente Pereda, the main legends of the Devils

Peru – Juan Jose Munante – A World Cup player with the stripe, the “Cobra” is remembered as one of the best wingers to reach national football, especially around the Argentine Cup in 1978 where César Luis Menotti considered him one of the best in his position of all time. With Pumas he managed to form part of a historic squad alongside Hugo Sánchez, Cabinho and Leonardo Cuéllar, although he also won a Concacaf Champions League with Atlético Español in 1975.

Uruguay – Hector Hugo Eugui – In a golden age for Mexican soccer, Eugui arrived with the Red Devils to be champion in the 1974-1975 season, where he also won recognition as the best player in the tournament and where he is particularly remembered for his 100% effectiveness from the 11 stepssince he never missed a penalty during his time in Mexico, both with Toluca and Tigres, where he eventually retired.

Venezuela – Giancarlo Maldonado – The star from Caracas arrived at Atlante with a good line-up after his time in the Chilean league with O’Higgins and Rancagua where he scored 21 goals in 42 games. Since his arrival in the Mexican Caribbean, José Guadalupe Cruz’s 9 made a difference and was key to the Colts’ last title in the First Division, which led to being recognized as the tournament’s best hire. Two years later he was also an essential part of the Concacaf title for the azulgranas that traveled to the Club World Cup.