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Spanish GP F1 2022: Red Bull claims that Aston Martin illegally copied it

Spanish GP F1 2022: Red Bull claims that Aston Martin illegally copied it

Lto new update of Aston-Martin premiered in Barcelona saves a uncanny similarity to the design of the Red Bull RB18 and from the Milton Keynes team the alarms have gone off, for a possible transfer of information to equipment owned by Lawrence Stroll, with the added suspicion that this winter they hired seven engineers from the champion team in Pilots of 2021.

Red Bull gave a public statement in Montmel in response to an official note from the FIA. “We note the FIA’s statement with interest. While imitation is the highest form of flattery, any replica of the design would obviously have to comply with the FIA’s rules on Reverse Engineering.” the Austrian team reported.

“However, if there had been some transfer of IP (reverse technology), it would be a clear violation of the rules and a serious concern,” adds the Austrian flag team.

The similarities between the RB18 and the new Aston Martin It has already caused the joke in Montmel that it is a ‘green Red Bull’. During Free Practice 1 of Spanish GP, all the members of Red Bull sat with a can of the flavored ‘green edition’ energy drink‘ at their tables, as a form of sarcastic protest.

Engineer signing

As part of its expansion campaign Aston Martin has hired several technicians high-profile, including former Red Bull aerodynamics chief, Dan Fallows.

Marko, scaled

Speaking to ‘Sky Germany’, Red Bull’s adviser, Helmut Marko, stressed that “It is important to clarify how this incredible copy of our car has been arrived at. As it is, copying is not prohibited, but you also have to take into account that seven people have been ‘taken’ from us and that our former chief aerodynamicist went to Aston Martin with a disproportionately high salary, “he protested.

“There are still some points that we are checking. We will analyze it in detail, It is not just a question of Dan Fallows. We believe there is evidence that data has been evaded. Dan Fallows was in quarantine (marked ‘gardenig’ by the FIA), Copying on approach is not prohibited, but, can you copy without documents and achieve such a detailed copy of our car?”, he wonders.

Following the FIA ​​statement, a spokesman for Aston-Martin said: “We have shared the details of our update with the FIA ​​technical staff. Having analyzed the data and processes used to create the update, The FIA ​​has confirmed in writing that our update was generated as a result of legitimate independent work in accordance with the technical regulations.”

It is not the first time that Aston Martin and the previous Racing Point, are accused and sanctioned for plagiarism and the matter can go much further if it is shown that there has been a transfer of information.

FIA statement

“Both teams have cooperated fully with the FIA ​​in this investigation and have provided all relevant information.”

“The investigation, which has consisted of CAD checks and a detailed analysis of the development process adopted by Aston Martin, has confirmed that no wrongdoing had been committed and therefore the FIA ​​considers Aston Martin’s aerodynamic updates to be in compliance. the rules”.

“Article 17.3 specifically defines and prohibits ‘reverse engineering’, that is, the digital process of converting photos (or other data) into CAD models, and prohibits the transfer of IP between computers, but equally, this article allows designs of the cars were influenced by those of the competitors, as has always been the case in Formula 1”.

“In our analysis, we confirmed that the processes followed by Aston Martin were consistent with the requirements of this article.”

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