Spanish women’s soccer lands in the United States

AWe are currently experiencing a change of mentality in women's football, many of our players have decided that their sporting and professional fut

AWe are currently experiencing a change of mentality in women’s football, many of our players have decided that their sporting and professional future depends on USA.

Miguel Jimenez Sanchez founder of “Talent and Sport” feels proud to be able to help hundreds of young Spaniards, students and athletes to make ‘The American dream’.

Miguel was one of the first soccer players to head to the USA, at the academic level he studied a double degree in: Business Administration and Management & Marketing. At a sports level in the four years he managed to be three times All-American, being two of them in the best team of all American universities. First Team All American. Collectively, he won two leagues and competed all four years for the National Championship.

Six Spanish girls who will head to the United States in the month of August. They all have a common denominator, a passion for sport and specifically for football. There are four from Madrid, one from Seville and some from Barcelona who will head to American universities thanks to a Soccer Sports Scholarship:

-Marta Martin Sanz (Madrid). She has been trained in the quarry of Real Madrid Club de Fútbol (Madrid).

-Llara Llorente Chiloeches (Madrid) She has trained in the CFF Futbolellas youth academy (Torrejón de Ardoz).

-Irene Hernándo Rodríguez (Madrid) She trained in the Rayo Vallecano youth academy (Madrid).

-María Alonso López (Madrid) She was trained in the Atlético de Madrid youth academy (Madrid).

-Marta Carrasco Mesa (Seville) She has been trained in the Sevilla FC (Seville) academy.

-Paula Sanabria Díaz (Barcelona) She has been trained in the youth team of RCD Español de Barcelona.

With only 17 years They have made the most important decision of their lives, to fill their suitcase with illusion, with football boots and why not say it with fear of the unknown. These athletes are lucky to have a family that is committed to their personal and professional development and they are privileged to be able to train at an American University while competing at the highest level in the American University Leagues. They are not the first to set course for the United States nor will they be the only ones, but they will be an example of many others that will follow in their footsteps. In a few months they will compete in Universities of: Missouri, Oklahoma, California, Kansas and Texas.

American universities provide them with:

-Sport at the highest level, everything that a professional athlete experiences in Spain

-Academic training that provides a future and professional stability when your sports career ends.

-Bilingual level of English.

-Sports opportunities in Spain, the United States or wherever they want.

-Professional opportunities in the United States once they graduate.

-Travel around the country

-Friends, colleagues and international contacts.

-Live an experience with only 17 years that very few athletes in this country of any sport can live.