Sport and pregnancy, Erasmus+, Carolina Marn and women’s football

Monday, 5 September 2022, 09:25 The importance of sport during pregnancy and the new Erasmus + project granted to Espaa se Mu

Monday, 5 September 2022, 09:25

The importance of sport during pregnancy and the new Erasmus + project granted to Espaa se Mueve were topics of the “Al Lmite” program last Saturday. In the Tertulia on Sunday, they talked about the defeats of Paula Badosa in the US Open and Carolina Marn in Osaka, the success of the Premier and the controversy of the women’s soccer team.

The contents of Saturday’s program, September 3were:

– Professor Luis López Nombela, Pedro Calvo and Gerardo Cebrín commented on current football news.

– In the athletics section, the most outstanding events that remain to be held in 2022 and the most important for next year were brought forward.

– The Francisco de Vitoria University hosted the 7th edition of the Spanish Open Pickleball Championships 2022. Roberto Prez, president of the Spanish Association of this sport.

– Luis Leardy, Director of Communication of the Spanish Paralympic Committeespoke of the report “Paralympics, an obstacle course”.

– Pablo Herrera, Vice Dean of the Professional College of Physiotherapists of the Community of Madridreferred to the agreement that the entity has signed with UFEDEMA.

– In the section of Spain movesFernando Soria Hernndez (project manager) and Marc Declerq (international affairs) explained the new projectserasmus+ granted by the European Commission.

– The contents of the program 10 of TV athleteswhich is broadcast on Teledeporte on Thursdays.

– The doctor Ana M Jara Marcos talked about the importance of physical activity during pregnancy.


At the Sunday gathering, 4th of Septemberthe following topics were discussed:

– Paula Badosa falls again in the first round of a Grand Slam.

– Carolina Marn has not been able to get past the quarterfinals in the last two competitions in which she has participated, but she is still among the best.

– The news of national and international athletics is reviewed.

– The Spanish Under-20 football team became world champions for the first time in history.

– Controversy in the absolute women’s soccer team. Several players have asked for the resignation of the coach, Jorge Vilda, because they consider that the quality of the players is not being used to obtain good results.

– The Premier League is becoming the true European Super League. They are the ones who spend the most and, therefore, the ones who sign the best players.

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