sport leaves the field and reaches retail

There is a projection based on figures of Callaway Golf Company and Acushnet Companywhere it is shown that both companies added more than 5 bill

  • There is a projection based on figures of Callaway Golf Company and Acushnet Companywhere it is shown that both companies added more than 5 billion dollars in revenue, only in 2021.

  • The estimate is added to projections such as those launched at the time by the Statista Consumer Market Outlookwhich sees in Mexico a movement of two thousand 17 million dollars, but in sales for this 2022 within the sports accessories market.

  • An entrepreneur tells how he migrated golf from the course to a retail point of sale and his strategy establishes a benchmark for how to start a business with experiences and sports.

There are very interesting sports that take place in commercial premises. We got the batting cages on chains like Red Chipsbowling in businesses like Recórcholis and now Golf in a venture that confesses to Merca2.0, how to take sport out of the field and migrate it to an experience business.

Exclusive interview with José Vargas, CEO and Co-founder of Mullingan’s, about golf and retail.

Merca2.0 – How have golf simulators revolutionized the sport?

José Vargas – They have made it a more accessible sport for everyone. Golfzon golf simulators allow you to play on more than 200 golf courses Golf in a space of only 40 square meters, they give you real-time feedback, so you can improve your swing and you can customize the level of difficulty, to compete in a better way.

This helps the practice of Golf becomes a more fun activity, enriching, in turn, the culture of a sport historically considered exclusive or even unattainable.

Merca2.0 – How do you start an academy and how do you get to golf as an entrepreneurial idea?

JV – The important thing is to know in depth the culture of the Golf, surround yourself with professionals and find a way to enrich the sport. More than teaching to play Golf, the key is to offer an accessible, fun and innovative way to learn the sport from scratch. When starting out, it is important that you address yourself not only to golfers, but also to sports lovers in general. This will help your concept become more comprehensive.

Merca2.0 – What elements are key in entrepreneurship based on experiences, is it easier or more difficult than entrepreneurship with a product and why?

JV – If what you offer your clients are experiences, you must make sure that they are accessible, fun, innovative, comprehensive, and, above all, you must never lose the surprise factor. Unlike when you undertake based on offering a product, providing experiences commits you to guaranteeing unique and special moments so that your clients make your space a place of tradition.

Merca2.0 – Undertaking in 2022, what practices or concepts no longer have a place when it is done at this stage of evolution in this culture?

JV – In the world of entrepreneurship there is no longer a place for those concepts that are not very accessible to people. Practicality is setting the standard in the business world. The more you make life easier for your customers, the more they will consume you.

Entrepreneurship in experiences seems like a challenge, however, its success stems from making resources that without a doubt allow us to rethink the traditional and provide new sales channels to platforms such as those that expose Callaway Golf Company and Acushnet Company. The potential is enormous not only for those who take the initiative, but also for the providers who join these experiences.

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