Sport Weekend brand: “Rocky has done a lot of damage to boxing, although it is a great movie”

Updated 11/14/2021 - 13:34 ANDl BRAND Sport Weekend he rushed until the last round to give away his best shots of a unique weekend in the world o

11/14/2021 –

ANDl BRAND he rushed until the last round to give away his best shots of a unique weekend in the world of sports. First it was a direct to the stomach that came out of the fist of Emmanuel Reyes Pla, a brand new world medalist and one of the pgiles that is helping to relaunch Spanish . And then came an ‘upper’ to the chin from Jennifer ‘Storm’ Miranda, the most awarded boxer in our country and who has now renamed herself Arantxa Arteche after her intervention in ‘The Paper House’, the most successful Spanish series in history.

“Cinema and boxing are very close, although they are two very different worlds. Both are complicated, but the passage to the cinema was not easy. It is difficult, but in the end It is a very sentimental world and for me boxing is too, so I think I have managed to unite both things“, Miranda assured that he does not want the lights of the big screen to overshadow his true objective: to reign in the ring.” It is true that it changes your life but I do not lose focus of my true objective, which is sport. On December 12 I made my first fight for the Intercontinental title of the WBA and that’s the real challenge. For this I have prepared myself and the cinema is helping me since it has made me lose my fears.

Two worlds that have always been united by the hand of a Rocky who put the soundtrack at the beginning of the talk. However, both pgiles disassembled Stallone’s film: “Rocky has done a lot of damage to boxing. Boxing is not Rocky, although its cinematic value is undeniable.”

The one who has had a life in a movie is Reyes Pla, who left Cuba in search of his dream: to succeed in boxing at all costs and to show that none of the blows that life has given him have been able to knock him down. “Actually my story like any other, God has given me an opportunity and I have taken advantage of it. I started boxing to defend myself against the children who beat me at school. Then I lived for two months in an apartment in Moscow without leaving for fear of the Russian Police and that’s when my odyssey began to get to Galicia, where I had my great opportunity. I had to endure so as not to lose the course of my dream. “

The triumph of work

A dream that has the shape of a medal as in the case of the Sevillian boxer. For both, the objective is similar: “I want to play and win a World Cup. I want to show that nothing is impossible. I started very late and picking up this technique is very difficult. I want to finish that message,” Miranda confessed. “My dream is Olympic gold for my father to be proud of and as a reward for all his sacrifice“, assured Reyes Pla, who ended the talk by saying that he does not change his underpants when he wins the first fight in a great tournament: “Gayumbos walk alone, but they smell good.”